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Talking To Tammie Brown About Victory Party For Marriage Equality This Saturday At Neumos


Tammie Brown. Photo: Jose A Guzman Colon

This Saturday night November 3rd,  a gaggle of local organizations including Seattle PrideFest, One Degree Events,  Seattle Gay Scene, Referendum 74, Seattle Gay News, Social Outreach Seattle, and god knows who else present a Victory Party For Marriage Equality – party like we’ve won, raise money because we haven’t. The lineup is a power packed medley of amazing local, national, and international DJ’s who will be peppering the dance floor with the most amazing and diverse sounds. Superstar recording artist Kristine W. will be on hand to belt out some of the gay anthems she’s built her career on, and Tammie Brown, of Rupaul’s Drag Race fame is also set to perform.

A few years ago, right after Tammie Brown was on the very first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, we (Qulture Qreative), had the pleasure of hosting her at one of our Palm Springs Pride parties. She was brilliant and quirky, which is something I love in a drag queen. She is a true original. I had the opportunity to interview her in advance of Saturday’s show and here’s what she had to say…..

LA Kendall: When was “Tammie Brown” born?

Tammie Brown: I was always Tammie Brown…it’s who i am, just an added name per say . I love to entertain with drag and music…it’s a fantasy that i give people. Like old Hollywood and the stars of that time .

LAK: You’ve obviously gained a lot of notoriety through Drag Race. What’s that experience been like?

TB: My experience has been great and now I’m on the ALL STARS of DRAG RACE . (Editor’s Note: This interview was done prior to Tammie’s elimination this past Monday.) I have fan’z (yes fan’z with a Z – Tammie lingo), all over the world now. Thank you to the show and I love it. I get to travel and entertain them. What could be better!! I’m happy to be part of it all, thank u !!

LAK: Do you feel like Drag Race as a brand has affected drag culture?

TB: Drag Race has affected the local culture and world stage in that Drag Race has made it harder for other Local Queens to get work. For the most part, all the big clubs and mass of people wish to see the Drag Race Queens , and that puts the local and new and up and coming queens on the back burner .

LAK: You’re currently working on your second album…how’s that coming along? When is it expected to be released?

TB: ”HOT SKUNX!’ is my new album which I’m working on day to day. It will be half Spanish and half English, some dance, and some folk-like songs… a world of Tammie Brown POP!! ”HOT SKUNX!” should be out no later then Jan of 2013 . I am also working on videos that will come out with the new songs. So excited!!!

LAK: You started your career in Texas. I view Texas as severely conservative for the most part. What was it like to be a queen in Texas?

TB: Yes, I got my start in Texas. Being a Drag Queen in Texas for me was great! Let’s go back to high school where I started drag in the theater with plays and lipsync contests the school would host, and then my last year of high school I went out to the local club in Corpus Christi, Texas where I was forced into a drag name and Tammie Brown with an ”ie” is what I came up with. And as for Texas being conservative, I got along…” I love Texas!” 

LAK: Since you are coming to Seattle for a fundraiser for Marriage Equality, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask you how you felt about the issue of marriage equality.

TB: Marriage Equality? I feel people should be able to marry who they wish – it’s love, a family!!

LAK: We must talk current events. Because everyone else is. What are your thoughts on the upcoming election?

TB: The Election….. I think we all should vote as the people!!

LAK: What can Seattle expect from you on Saturday night?



My heart’s already warm! Mama Tits will be hosting the VIP making sure all her Titillations are well taken care of, too. It’s my drag wet dream. Again.

PARTY! SUPPORT MARRIAGE EQUALITY! IT’S A WAY TO DONATE TO THE CAUSE WHILE HAVING FUN! All net proceeds of the party go to Washington United For Marriage.

Editor’s Note: The lovely and kooky Ms Brown will also make a pre-func appearance at The Lobby Bar across the street from Neumos prior to the Victory Party.  She will be at Lobby Saturday night from 8:45 to 9:15 for a meet & greet and photo opportunity with her fans.

AND, here’s the talent schedule for the Victory Party:

9:00PM DJ Skiddle
9:30PM Chase Silva/Daniel Hanks
9:35PM Tammie Brown (RuPaul Drag Race All Star)
9:45PM DJ Tina T
11:45PM Tammie Brown (RuPaul Drag Race All Star)
12:00AM Kristine W
12:30AM DJ Chris Cox

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