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Princess Superstar Spills The Beans About Her Royal Visit To PrideFest 2013

The deliciously delightful PRINCESS SUPERSTAR is one of the headliners for Seattle PrideFest 2013 at Seattle Center on June 30

The deliciously delightful PRINCESS SUPERSTAR is one of the headliners for Seattle PrideFest 2013 at Seattle Center on June 30

This year for Seattle PrideFest, we at Qulture Qreative, with the sage consent of the festival director, have booked one of the most exciting acts we’ve brought to the festival so far: Princess Superstar. There was a moment when I wondered if this was a personal indulgence (we and the P.S. go way back girl, way back, like in the way-back-machine- back). Then Seattle PrideFest made their first official announcement on their Facebook page about headliners, in which Princess Superstar was included, and the comments to the post quickly confirmed that not only was a wise choice, but something that the community is excited about. BONUS!

For those not in the know, which would be those born before 1968, and those born after 2000, Princess Superstar has had a full career which has included a hit MTV video, multiple full length albums, a plethora of collaborations with some of the industries heaviest hitters, and some dance floor classics that will surely be included, 30 years in the future, when some major label releases a compilation reflecting the relevant dance club classics of our time.

Welcome to The New Evolution, Princess Superstar’s sixth album and her triumphant best was funded by the fans themselves via a successful crowd source campaign. As a result, the album is fueled by direct love from the people, her unrelenting fans and the same folks who are gonna be bum rushin’ the DJ stage during her set at Seattle PrideFest.

I had a chance to Q & A with the Superstar herself in advance of her appearance here in Seattle. We talked music, Gaga, and babies. Yes, babies. Read on….


L.A. Kendall: First off, we have worked together for quite some time, and I cannot say enough how pleased we at Qulture Qreative are that you are coming out to headline the DJ Stage at Seattle PrideFest! What do you have in store for us?

Princess Superstar: I am so excited myself! I am going to perform my new song called “Sexy Sexy” which I did with Larry Tee (he of course wrote RuPaul’s “Supermodel” and also “Licky” with me) and a crazy DJ set after!

LAK: Your career spans 2 decades. You’ve worked with everyone from Grand Master Flash to Larry Tee. What are some highlights for you?

PS: Working with Grandmaster Flash was a highlight. Certainly being on a record alongside Snoop and Busta Rhymes blew my mind. But I think the highlight is literally just having a career for this long!!

LAK: Let’s talk about My Machine for a minute. I noticed a post on your blog a few months back, in regards to Lady Gaga. I have to say at several points when the Gaga hype was rolling big, I definitely had conversations with people that echo your sentiments in that post. My thought was that I had seen this before also. In a more artistic, thoughtful, not-watered-down-in-the-way-corporate-labels-do, sort of way. I totally felt like whoever helped her form her image borrowed (badly in a lot of cases) a page from your book. It was gratifying to see your blog post and see that in some small way, you had also seen that. I love how you handled it though “I don’t really have to say anything because karma is a bitch, agree?” How do you keep it classy, where others would let the bitterness get away from them?

PS: Thanks. I have had to work hard on myself in order to stay out the “victim” mentality which I think plagues humanity. You just have to stay in the gratitude of what it is you DO have. I think I have a lot of stuff inside and out that Gaga doesn’t have, for example. Success isn’t always just dictated by material success.

LAK: From your mouth to god’s ear, girlfriend! You are releasing a new album – The New Evolution, and you are doing this independently. What are your favorite things about this new album?

PS: I love that I raised the money from my fans, via Pledge music, at a time before Kickstarter and these types of things got big. It was still an unknown quantity when I did it in 2010. I love that it literally took me a process of 8 years since the last full-length release (My Machine). I have changed so much in that time- the album really reflects that. I also love a lot of the production, which includes The Rural who have produced both the Gorillaz and Beyonce!It’s out officially in fall 2013 but you can get the album prerelease here :

LAK: Ooh – I bet everyone is going to LOVE that share! Speaking of new music, I am also LOVING the “Oh My Lollipop” track with Fat Man Scoop and Armand Van Helden! Early Armand Van Helden is one of the reasons I became a DJ. To see the two of you working together is like your favorite flavors in the same dessert. What was it like to work with Armand Van Helden?

PS: Well, he definitely likes women but I didn’t go there with him, ha ha. My song “Chick Habit” describes him well. But he also knows what he likes musically and I appreciate that.

LAK: I had heard that about him…that he can be a pig in the female department. My words, not yours! Anyway, you’re not only an artist, but also an activist. Specifically you have done work with PETA and are a vegan. What draws you, personally, to this cause?

PS: I think more awareness has to be raised about our food supply and the destruction of our planet. I was just reading an article where Prince Charles said that cheap food is destroying our earth, and I believe we can change that by where we put our dollars.

I would qualify myself as a “cheating” vegan because I identify with the cause but am not strict since having my baby; but my intention is there, and I try to eat as sustainably as I can.

LAK: That parlays nicely into my next question. Along with having a long list of major careers highlights, you’ve recently taken on another role in your life – MOM, what has that been like for you? Balancing motherhood with bookings, recording, etc? I’m familiar with that struggle myself. Though I have a 12 year old, not a 2 year old.

PS: Yes, that’s been the most UNBELIEVABLE thing in my life, and I have been blessed that I can take her with me everywhere I go, in fact my husband and baby will be at the gig in Seattle backstage! I believe in attachment parenting – so she really goes everywhere with me- she’s been to Russia where I had a show; and goes to the studio when I record (we turn the music down when we mix!). I am still breastfeeding at 2 years old, and it’s a beautiful thing.

LAK: What’s next on the horizon for Princess Superstar?

PS: I’ve been doing Artist Mentoring, a sort of life coaching for artists and I think I will be expanding that work because it’s so incredible to give back to people, and my clients are all really successful. I will also be touring to support my latest record (officially out in the fall 2013) and as always collaborating with cool artists and releasing records forever!

LAK: Qulture Qreative better get first dibs on that tour girl! You know we’re all up in that! Last question: Any tricks up your sleeve for Seattle PrideFest?

PS: If I told you, they wouldn’t be tricks! Can’t wait to rock!


Princess Superstar has created a new evolution, a new lifestyle and movement. A collection of 
songs and videos, photos and art – it’s about mystical, magical, joy, explosive 
freaking out beats with conscious, yet hilarious lyrics. Music to make you high, rip off all of your 
clothes, lead a peace rally, or go nuts at the club. It’s raw, real, truth and contagiously fun! It’s the new evolution… featuring producers like The Rural, who have produced Gorillaz and Beyonce; Shawn Lee of The Ping Pong Orchestra; newfound New York city stars 8thw1 and Kalae All Day; Mighty Mi (who produced her chart topping smash “bad babysitter”, which later became a hit video making the rounds on MTV); plus Princess Superstar’s own inimitable production. The live shows are a multimedia extravaganzas…the DJ sets, just a step away from that. Both, making people blissed out wherever she lands. More than a record or a concert – Princess Superstar is a happening- come to Seattle PrideFest on Sunday, June 30th and get on the bus! Princess Superstar goes on at 4:30PM!
The New Evolution is out officially fall 2013 advance download link
if you want to get it:

Princess Superstar Facebook page:

DJ LA Kendall Facebook page:

Qulture Qreative Facebook page:

Seattle PrideFest Facebook page:


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