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November 9, 2013 Comments Off on The Mr/Miss Gay Seattle Pageant Is Turning FIDDY! TONIGHT At Neighbours! Views: 1413 After Dark / After Hours, Arts & Entertainment, Drag, Nightlife, Pageant Land

The Mr/Miss Gay Seattle Pageant Is Turning FIDDY! TONIGHT At Neighbours!


So many things apparently happened in 1963…the Kennedy Assassination…The Nativity of Moi…the creation of the Mr/Miss Gay Seattle Pageant. 

ALL these things are turning Fiddy this year and the Mr/Miss Gay Seattle Pageant is happening tonight, Saturday, November 9, 2013 at Neighbours starting at 6pm (doors) with show starting at 7pm. Come celebrate as the current reigning royalty, Miss Gay Seattle 49 Isabella De la Rosa and Mr Gay Seattle 37 Josué Henriquez both step down and two new heads of state are crowned by the Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle.

Who will be Miss Gay Seattle 50 and Mr. Gay Seattle 38? The last time I checked, there was only ONE contestant for the Miss title…our very own Olivia LaGarce, though it’s always possible a new contestant could emerge up to an hour before the show starts…or, so I’ve been told. (The rumors that TRANMA will show up at the last minute as a spoiler, are sadly not true…this year.)

As for the Mr. title, there are several fine gentlemen in the running, including JimMay Gonzalez and James Bushong. If you’d like to support anyone’s candidacy, then you have to show UP at the pageant and VOTE!

Grab tickets here or at the door.

Who will reign over us all?

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