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December 9, 2013 Comments Off on Ho-De-Ho-Ho! It’s Xmas Themed Collide-O-Scope! Views: 1254 Stuff to Do

Ho-De-Ho-Ho! It’s Xmas Themed Collide-O-Scope!


Michael and Shane are ready to put the XXXXXXX in Xmas with tonight’s (Monday, Dec 9, 2013) very special Xmas Edition of Collide-O-Scope, their twice a month retro/kooky video show featuring the oddest videos located from the oddest locales…including a video being featured in tonight’s show that Mr. Strangeways’ brother contributed…could it be a fabled early sighting of a young Strangeways or even Tranma? You’ll have to head down to Re-bar tonight at 7pm to find out…

Here’s the invite info via Facebook:

Ho-ho-ho! It’s that special time of year the most wonderful time of the year! Grab your eggnog and feast yourself on all the HOLIDAY GOODIES we have for your eyes! The Kitschiest Christmas Party Ever! With Appearances by: Santa Claus! SATAN! Oprah Winfrey! Rudolph! Anna Nicole SMITH! MARGARET CHO! Christine Jorgensen! and a cast of THOUSANDS MORE! Video starts at 7 and Free Prize Drawings start at 8 Including NEW YARN GIFTS! FREE POPCORN REDVINES & Other SNACKS including BACON FLAVORED POPCORN by BACON STRIP The BIG GAY VARIETY SHOW! This is the last show of the year the best show of the year at the most glorious time of the year bring your friends and have a party! only $6 (cheap) Don’t be a SCROOGE! We will also be selling COLLIDE-O-SCOPE DVDs Great Stocking stuffers — also fun to watch! See you at the punchbowl!

Collide-O-Scope: SGS approved since 1877! More fun than anal sex! Not nearly as messy! With POP CORN!!!!

For newbies: Re-bar is at 1114 Howell in an odd no-man’s land between Capitol Hill and Downtown. It’s also 21+ w/ID and Cash Only so leave the children and your American Express card at home…

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