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Cyndi Lauper “She-Bops” Into A (Brief) Interview With SGS!

The incomparable Cyndi Lauper. Photo: Jo Ann Toy

The incomparable Cyndi Lauper.
Photo: Jo Ann Toy

We adore Cyndi Lauper. We’ve adored her since her big breakthough “She’s So Unusual” which featured the iconic pop anthem “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. Cyndi and her fans have been having a lot of fun for the last 31 years and things got even “funner” with her Tony Award for last year’s hit Broadway musical, KINKY BOOTS. The Divine Ms Lauper is currently on the road opening for CHER and these two legendary Divas pop into Seattle for a huge concert tonight (June 28) at Key Arena.

We sent Cyndi 10 questions to answer; she answered five but we won’t complain. She’s busy! (Though we wish she had answered the question: “So, is it true you might pop by PrideFest on Sunday?” The jury remains out on that…)


Earle Dutton: When you began your career, did you ever envision yourself as a Grammy award- winning artist and LGBT Icon?
Cyndi Lauper: I hoped for the first, did not have a clue about the second. But very proud to be an ally and considered a LGBT Icon…thanks for saying that!

ED: Having been in involved in the professional wrestling community, what are your thoughts about so many of them recently joining the NOH8 Campaign to destroy homophobia and hate?
CL: It’s about time! Athletics needs to catch up with the rest of us.

ED: Kinky Boots has been such a runaway success. Are you working on a new musical?
CL: As a matter of fact I am but it’s in infancy stage so I’m not at liberty to discuss. I am still keeping myself busy with Kinky Boots as we are about to have our first national tour this fall and it’s opening in South Korea at the end of the year. In 2015 it will be opening on the West End and other international markets we are about to announce. I would love to do another one.

ED: What is your favorite moment since you have been on this tour with Cher?
CL: We really do have a great time when we are out together and I think the audiences that come love our combo too. So it’s a win/win. Cher is a wonderful host to me, my band and crew. Her team is great, too. So it’s a great working relationship behind stage which helps me do a better job on stage because things run so well. Cher is an inspiration to me as an artist and she’s a just such a classy person. So every day on the road is pretty special I have to say.

ED: You were on a reality show with your husband and son. That is so up close and personal, especially with a family. What was it like? Would you do that again?
CL: My son is a teenager now with a big life of his own and he, like every teenager, wants his private life private. He wants privacy and separation from his family so forget about sharing his life with a TV audience! But we had fun when we did it and it was always just for one season when I was working on my autobiography and kinky boots it just fit into what I was doing professionally. My Family was happy to do a season…not seasons!


You can catch Cyndi AND Cher tonight, Saturday, June 28 at Key Arena. A few tickets still remain!


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