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January 9, 2015 Comments Off on Rat City Rollergirls Move Season Opener to Sunday Funday! Views: 1775 Living, News, Seattle Gay Scene

Rat City Rollergirls Move Season Opener to Sunday Funday!


Sick of man-sportsball? Rat City Rollergirls is here for you! 

Per their website, RCRG has changed the epic season opener from January 10 to January 11! That’s right, folks—you can now engage in ALL of your sportsy debauchery the entire weekend! Having the bout on *Sunday the 11th* means you get to watch, or not watch, the ‘Hawks on Saturday! Squee!

The sexy goth ladies of Grave Danger will open the bout, playing against the blue-clad Sockit Wenches. Which means the later bout will feature the Throttle Rockets vs. 2014 season champs Derby Liberation Front. And let me tell you, a few years ago, it wasn’t too certain DLF would ever be champs! Who’s your fave rollergirl? What team is she on? Anyone know the fresh meats? Get it all—and more!—when the doors open at Key Arena at 2:30pm. Opening ceremonies begin at 3pm, which means it’s early enough for you to engage in evening activities or school-night sleep!

Not a football fan here, and yes I’m completely a biased lesbian, but… Watching a bunch of hot women speed past you on skates while they kick ass (sometimes literally) is MUCH more pleasurable than watching stop-motion heart attacks in a basically corporate-sanctioned game of war. I mean, ummm…Go ‘Hawks! *snerk* Also, RCRG consistently has not-straight and not-narrow ladies on the teams, and they’ve been excellent supporters of Seattle Pride and the Dyke March. Yay! And yanno? As much as I love Ellen Page, I have issues with Whip It after having seen *real* derby. But I digress.

So get your cheap tickets NOW, folks! RCRG fans are some of the best in Seattle! The energy at every bout is palpable, and you can help support the li’l Derby Rats too! Cheer, boo, hiss, clap, dress up, dress down, and support your favorite team! Anyone else have skate envy? Is that a thing?

P.S. Not enough derby in your life? Jet City Rollergirls start up on January 24th!

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