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Been Missing This Rat City Roller Girl Season? Never Fear!

Grave-Danger-Logo    VS.  DLF

Whether you’ve been following Rat City Rollergirls since January or not, are you as STOKED as I am for the championship bout of the home teams??

This Saturday the 25th at Key Arena, swarm the stadium for the best bout ever!! Sockit Wenches lead off against the Throttle Rockets before GRAVE DANGER kicks royal Derby Liberation Front ass! (Commence booing, hissing, and raucous applause…now.) And it’s high time they’re back at the Arena. Opening ceremonies start at 6pm, but get there early!

Recently listed in Thrillest as one of the top dates in Seattle, RCRG has been entertaining droves of fans for umpteen years now. Not such a best-kept secret. Seriously, it’s like the number one thing I make people do with me if they’re visiting town or we’re looking for something to do besides go to bars. I’ve had a gothy soft spot for Grave Danger ever since the first time I saw Jammer Re-AnimateHer tiptoe around the track.

Sidenote: Afterparty will be held at Streamline Tavern with the Champs! Think you can drink a derby girl under the table? Pffft.

And says the RCRG facebook page:

“Hey Rat City Fans!
We are partnering with Food Lifeline and Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage to host Show Us Your Cans at Champs this Saturday. Please bring your non-perishable food items and help stop hunger here in Washington.
Hugs & Hits

BUT. In case you miss the championships, the All-Star Team will begin its season on May 30, effectively giving you your derby fix right up through Pride and beyond. Smaller bouts and Derby Brats will be peppering our summer too. Also, Jet City Rollergirls have their next bout on May 9.

How a-BOUT it, folks? Who’re you rooting for? Get some beers and cheers for your faves!! 

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