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Meow! Coffee and Cats Go Hand-in-Paw!

You’re totally *that* single Gay who recently met someone entirely too close to Valentine’s Day. Need to avoid being awkward, too soon for romance, but you still want to show that almost-special someone that you’re fun and capable of finding unusual things to do. So you want to ask her/him out for a non-date coffee, but you don’t want to give vague directions to the perfect Starbucks or the hipster cafe serving Stumptown.

As long as neither of you are allergic, Flutter Studios hears your call with a pop-up Cat Cafe, courtesy of Seattle Meowtropolitan! After you make your reservation for a 30-minute block of time at the low price of $10, about a dozen kitties or so will grace your coffee experience. What better way to judge your non-date for red flags than to see how they treat fluffy fuzzbutts? For the coffee snobs out there, it’s Herkimer. Yay for the unsung hero brand of coffee.

The cafe will be open 9-5 (like the Dolly Parton song) both Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th. It looks like the 14th is booked, but if you’re in the area you might be able to pop in. The only downside to walking in is that the coffee won’t be free. Oh, darn. Cuz you’re not used to paying $5 a cup anyway, right? And because it’s also open on Sunday, you can grab caffeine for that wicked hangover, give your one-nighter the obligatory coffee and chat, and select a cat worthy of you once s/he has made the typical dramatic exit.

Do NOT, I repeat, NOT bring your own feline loves, or feed the cats your delicious coffee and pastries. All of the cats at the cafe will be adoptable, from Meow Cat Rescue. That means that those of you already coupled up and in need of a pet can feel free to give that special Fluffer McBoots his forever home (no custody battles in the cafe, please).

Seattle Meowtropolitan is hoping to open its permanent Cat Cafe on the Hill later this year, so consider this kind of their practice run. Cats aren’t given nearly as much love here as dogs, so I for one am stoked to see this kind of thing happening. Lesbian? Cat? The HELL YOU SAY. So, go. Get a kitty with your coffee. Because Seattle!

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