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February 7, 2015 Comments Off on EVERYONE WINS! in the Superest Bet of All Time Where It’s Chris (Pratt) vs Chris (Evans)!! Views: 2807 Fan Boy/Girl Land, Geek, Pop Culture

EVERYONE WINS! in the Superest Bet of All Time Where It’s Chris (Pratt) vs Chris (Evans)!!

Remember how Chris Pratt (Star Lord, Guardians of the Galaxy) and Chris Evans (Captain America) bet that if either the Seahawks or the Patriots won the Sportybowl, one would have to visit the other’s fave kid’s hospital in costume?

twitter bet


According to Seattle Children’s hospital, Chris Evans is STILL going to show up here! Holy what the what??

“To date, Seattle Children’s has raised nearly $15,000 to support the hospital’s greatest needs. Christopher’s Haven has raised close to $12,000 to serve families undergoing cancer treatment in Boston. ‘We are grateful that real-life superheroes Chris Pratt and Chris Evans are turning their sports rivalry into an opportunity to support kids in their communities,’ said Lisa Brandenburg, president of Seattle Children’s Hospital. ‘We are delighted that patients and families at both Seattle Children’s and Christopher’s Haven will benefit from these generous donations.'” Further, “’The generosity of Chris Evans and Chris Pratt is overwhelming,’ said Joyce Duvall, executive director of Christopher’s Haven. ‘They turned a simple, friendly wager into something very significant for both Christopher’s Haven and Seattle Children’s Hospital. The fun and goodwill that they have generated will stay with the children a long time.’” Courtesy of the press release from SCH.

We have yet to get the deets on when exactly Captian America will be gracing Seattle with his presence, or whether media will be allowed in. But according to Comic Book Resources, Pratt has already visited Christopher’s Haven in Boston. Evans was there with him, but not dressed up. He didn’t have to, cuz the bet and all. So chances are good Pratt will be showing up here in Seattle along with the Captain, spreading his awesome humor and charm. And for kids like Dane Bowman-Weston, a patient and comic-lover at Seattle Children’s, two for the price of one is the best deal ever.

So for patients, families, nerds, geeks, and ALL THE GAYS, a couple of hot celebs showing up to do hero’s work makes our loss quite a bit easier to bear. Think about that next time you watch the horrid replays. 

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