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Wassup Ace Comic Con? Why Did Evans and Hemsworth Pull Out? We’re FRUSTRATED!!!!


What IS up, with ACE Comic Con Seattle ?

The for profit nerd convention producers made a big deal about announcing the HUGE stars they were going to bring to their Seattle event June 22 to 24th (also known as THIS COMING WEEKEND)…. all these HUGE Marvel Universe Stars like Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. 

Which was even MORE exciting when you realized that all these hunks of burning lust would be in Seattle over our LGBTQ Pride weekend….maybe Evans and Hemsworth would show up at the Cuff!!!

We can dream…

But, after this huge announcement back at the first of the year, the lineup quickly started to change. They added people like adorable vaguely twunkish Tom Holland aka the current Spider Boy….but, we also lost Chris Evans which frankly, for me, was the moment my interest in this event vanished. Mr. Evans is the only one who could lure me into a dreary airless convention to stand in a line to gaze upon his rugged jawline and piercing eyes. Mr. Hemsworth is “pretty” but muscles are a dime a dozen.

Hiddleston is a stick figure….Tom Holland is adorbs but a child.

ACE continued to add names to their convention…more Marvel stars (albeit lower on the fame totem pole) like Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie and the non twin Olsen gal with actual acting talent and non-spooked out eyes, Elizabeth.

But, sneakily, (or so it seems to me) their sole remaining super star pulled out of the event…Chris Hemsworth is now not listed as a guest. So the headliners are the two Toms…Hiddleston and Holland.

Meh. They’re charging buttloads of money for A- names.


But, we’re delighted the very much out TOM LENK is coming to the ACE Comic Con….the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star who is now more  known for his hilarious Instagram parodies of red carpet fashions worn by female celebrities, will be here on Saturday. 

Quick…someone snatch him for their Pride event! We wanna see his hot LEWKS!

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