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HypnoToad Commands You See “Planet XXXpress: A Futurama Burlesque”


Professor Farnsworth’s rocket ship lands at the Jewelbox Theater at The Rendezvous this weekend to give you all of the zexy scenarios you didn’t get to see on screen!

From the nerdlesque community comes three—yes, THREE—shows this weekend (May 15-16) to indulge your shipping (get it?) and teasing brain revolving around our most beloved and cancelled cartoon of all time. Futurama was a contender, a show with so much humor and heart that we always wanted more, no matter which network picked it up or dropped it. We always wanted to know what Bender would say next, whether Leela would finally kiss Fry, or crave more glimpses into Fry’s past. Remember that dog who waited? If you didn’t grab a box of tissues for that story, you’re just plain inhuman.

But no matter! Relive the show in the sexiest way possible: nerdlesque! Says the Facebook page:

The minds behind Accio Burlesque! and The Venture Bras! have teamed up to bring you a new burlesque play! Professor Farnsworth gave the Planet Express delivery crew the day off so he could spend it messing around with his What-If Machine, but his plans for a peaceful day of conjecture are foiled when Mom shows up intent on weaponizing the gadget! How will the Professor escape this predicament? Just what happens in Hermes’ office when the rest of the crew isn’t around? What would happen if Fry got his greatest wish? Will Leela finally punch Zapp Brannigan in the face? Find the answers to all these questions and more with Planet XXXpress: A Futurama Burlesque!

I mean, who *doesn’t* want to see the hard work put into a makeshift Bender costume that can also be easily stripped off?? An all-star cast including Sailor St. Claire, Scarlett O’Hairdye, Bolt Action, Dizzy Von Damn, Artemis Lark, and more make up the show of your fanfiction dreams.

Tickets are cheap, even for VIP! Go! Enjoy! And beware the Hypno Toad!

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