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November 19, 2015 Comments Off on The Lady Bunny Spoofs “Drag Race”….Bless Her Heart! Views: 3282 Celebrityville, Drag O'Tainment, Video Fun Land

The Lady Bunny Spoofs “Drag Race”….Bless Her Heart!

Lady Bunny "Vogues" her way into RuPaul Drag Race fan's hearts.

Lady Bunny “Vogues” her way into RuPaul Drag Race fan’s hearts.

Someone had to do it. RuPaul’s Drag Race is getting a little long in the tooth and it’s not quite as beloved as it used to be. The snorefest known as Season 7 helped seal THAT deal…what the fuck were they thinking by by casting so many BORING drag queens. Who knew boring drag queens even existed?!?!?

And, as for last year’s “winner”…Violet Knick Knack.


RuPaul’s OOOOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDDDEST friend, the Imperial Lady Bunny isn’t shy about poking fun of shit….even when the shit belongs to her friend and even when the shit occasionally hires her. (Is anyone really sad that “Drag U” is gone? Anyone? Crickets? Locust?) The Bun Bun has gone and made a snarky video that skews RPDR, bad nose contouring and all, and set it to Madonna’s beloved song “Vogue”.

It’s mean.

But, so good, even in its technical cheesiness.

Even our Jinkxy Poo gets a swipe…Auto Tune, indeed!!

We can only imagine the fun the Lady B will have with the upcoming Season 8 cast of Drag Beauties.


Lady Bunny would also like you to buy her crap:
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