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Do You Have Bieber Fever? He’s In Town….Somewhere

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Where To Watch #RobbieTurner On RPDR Season 8 In Seattle?


Seattle’s Robbie Turner is serving ALL the Tea and ALL the Shade on Season 8 of LOGO TV’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race”.

Jeebus…everyone and their cousin has jumped on the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” viewing party bandwagon. Season Eight of the hit LOGO competition series which pits drag queens against one another to win the crown as “America’s Next Top Drag Supah Star!” debuts tonight (Monday, March 7) and features a hometown gal, Miss ROBBIE TURNER as a contestant.

Naturally, Robbie’s home bar of RPlace is hosting their viewing party WITH Robbie on hand to offer commentary. Both of Seattle’s other drag stars who have appeared on the series, Jinkx Monsoon and BenDeLaCreme, did similar events on their respective seasons, (Jinkx of Season Five, which she won, at Julia’s and BenDeLa of Season Six at her own produced event at Century Ballroom at Oddfellows Hall.)

We don’t like to promote RPlace too much…they have a nasty habit of black balling everyone they disagree with and we’re not fond of the way they do business. They’re always getting huffy about the stupidest things and make ridiculous claims about their events…not our cup of tea. (Though we do enjoy it when RPlace’s manager gets into a public tiff with Julia’s owner…oh, the delicious shade of it all!) If you enjoy Robbie Turner in person and if you enjoy hanging out in an old bar that desperately needs a remodel (or, just a good scrubbing) then by all means, go and check it out.

Our favorite viewing locale was at the late and much lamented LOBBY BAR with hostess Lily Armani…it was cozy and fun and Lobby was the first bar in Seattle to host RPDR viewing parties. Happily, Lily has packed up her drag bag and moved her event over to PURR where you can catch her hosting duties throughout this season. We’re gonna go with PURR as our recommended RPDR Season 8 Viewing Party option.

Of course, every other Tom, Dick and Mary is gonna show it, too. We know Diesel is screening it again this year, with Miz Honey Bucket on hand as their filthy host. The restaurant/bar St. Johns on Pike is also offering a party co-presented with the drag family, “Halfway Haus”.

500 East on Pine Street is offering up an entire evening of glittery fun with their party which combines RPDR with their weekly Musical Monday event. The deets:

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 is FINALLY approaching!! To kick it off we will have the Sexy Svedka Boys in house from 8:00-10:00 and the first 100 Svedka cocktails at 6:00 will only be $1.00!! Hosted by the always wonderful Honey B. Snatch we will have sassy commentary and games all night!! We will be showing both viewings at 6:00 and 9:00!!

If you haven’t been in on Monday than you’ve been missing out. Monday is also MUMO: Musical Monday!! Where VJ Keith McDaniel shows the best of Broadway and more, taking all of your requests from Broadway, TV, Disney and more!!

Series of Events:
6:00 RuPaul’s Drag Race
7:00 Variety Hour with Honey B. Snatch
8:00 MuMo: Musical Monday with Keith McDaniel
8:00-10:00 Sexy Svedka Boys!!
9:00 Replay of RuPaul’s Drag Race
10:00-12:00 MuMo: Musical Monday with Keith McDaniel

Even straight bars are hopping on the homo wagon…STOUT, which is next door to PURR, is throwing one with Andrw Scott and Klaudya Markos as hosts. And, CYCLOPS in Belltown is throwing a shindig, too! It figures that the straights don’t “get it” until the 8th season…didja notice that The Seattle Times did a big article on Robbie being on this season? The Times has tended to ignore our previous darlings from Seattle…

If you can’t wait to see the entire episode (which is also the 100th episode for RPDR!) you can catch the 12 minute long sneak peek from tonight’s show featuring the arrival of this season’s queens, HERE!

My….Robbie gets LOTS of screen time in the opener. But, we’re a tad worried she’s getting the “bitch edit”. She made the tragic mistake of declaring on camera “I’m the kindest queen you’ll ever meet!” but then proceeded to make snarky comments about EVERY queen’s appearance in her confessional pieces.

It’s easy to blame the editing but editors can’t give you a bitch edit if you don’t give them material to work with…just sayin’.

And, with no insider knowledge, we’re gonna go out on a limb and predict that Bob The Drag Queen, Derrick Barry and Kim Chee will make it to the Final Five.

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