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New HBO Documenary “15: A Quinceañera Story” Features Transgender Star

Zoey is one of four your latinx women featured in the new HBO documentary,

Zoey is one of four your latinx women featured in the new HBO documentary,

Here’s an HBO Documentary to look forward to…15: A QUINCEAÑERA STORY examines four young latinx women preparing for an important moment in their lives: their 15th birthday and the traditional QUINCEAÑERA party that celebrates their transition into adulthood. 

One of the stories revolves around ZOEY who is transgender and her desire to have her  quinceañera honor her trans-madrinas (godmothers), elder trans women who have helped Zoey but were denied their own celebrations in their youth.

The film will debut on HBO and HBO Latin on December 19-21.




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From Renowned Music Executive Tommy Mottola,

Emmy® Winning Director Matthew O’Neill &

Latin Grammy-Winning Superstar Thalía Sodi

SYNOPSIS | 15: A Quinceañera Story is a series of four short films chronicling five young American Latinas as they and their families prepare for the “quinceañera” celebration of their fifteenth birthdays while navigating the complexities of coming-of-age in today’s society.

15: A Quinceañera Story will introduce viewers to;  Zoey, a transgender girl whose quinceañera aims to celebrate the trans-madrinas (godmothers) who were never able to have one themselves; Rosi, a Cuban-Guatemalan American who combines all three of her cultures for a quinceañera celebration in Havana; Ashley, an amateur boxer from LA who must navigate the pressures her family feels due to their immigration status as she plans her quinceañera and prepares for her first big boxing match; Jackie and Nina, two best friends who celebrate their Mexican heritage—and joint-quinceañera—through the traditional Mexican horse dancing display of escaramuza.

“As a Latina, I’m proud to share our culture and shine a spotlight on these dynamic, talented and beautiful young women featured in these four films,” Thalía Sodi said in a statement. “These young women are fierce and determined and represent the rising generation of American Latinas who are helping define the future of our country,” added Tommy Mottola.“The featured young women are examples of the breadth and diversity of the Latina experience in America,” commented Matthew O’Neill. “We’re proud to celebrate them and their communities as they contend with the complicated realities of growing up in America today.”

Debuts on HBO & HBO Latino December 19-22


DIRECTED BY | Thalía Sodi & Matthew O’Neill

CREATED BY | Tommy Mottola & Thalía Sodi

EXECUTIVE PRODUCED BY | Tommy Mottola & Sheila Nevins

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