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New Music From “Kentucky Fried Queerdos” aka GRLwood

Louisville Kentucky based queer music duo, GRLwood are ones to look out for... Photo: TRAVIS BRANDNER

Louisville Kentucky based queer music duo, GRLwood are ones to look out for… Photo: TRAVIS BRANDNER

So, when I saw that the Louisville, Kentucky duo group GRLwood described themselves as “pioneers of the SCREAM-POP genre” I threw up in my mouth a little bit because I generally loathe screaming of any kind (especially children playing out in the street screaming for NO reason…I always wanna channel my “Angry Mom” persona and yell out the window, “Stop that damn screamin’ or I’ll give ya somethin’ to scream ABOUT, ya damn kids, you!”)

But, then I actually listened to their new single, “FRREAKOUT”out now via NYLON magazine, and it’s cool ’cause it’s Björk-ian style sing/screaming and not Yoko Ono-ian shrieking in existential Japanese agony style non-singing/screaming. 

The self-proclaimed “Kentucky Fried Queerdos” first album, DADDY, debuted earlier this year and the duo, guitarist/vocalist Rej Forester and drummer Karen Ledford, ain’t shy about challenging “social norms, sexuality, and heteronormative social structures” with songs like “Frreakout” and others on the album including “Vaccines Made Me Gay” and “Bisexual”. 

Nylon called them subversive and “raucous, filthy fun”.

We’re gonna agree with that one. GRLwood are ones to watch out for.




“GRLwood’s song “Bisexual” lulls you into the Louisville duo’s hooky, self-deprecating, surf-inspired punk — before tearing you apart.” 

“Regardless of sexuality or gender, listeners who like propulsive, hooky, energetic rock with something to say (or scream) may have just discovered their new favorite band.”
Pandora Blog

“The album is packed with unapologetic tracks that send thrills down your back..  [and] slaps you in the face with a story of empowerment. GRLwood is not going to take your close-minded shit, and the world shouldn’t have to either.”
BTR Today


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