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May 30, 2011 Comments (3) Views: 1102 Community News

West Seattle Blog got the scoop: New LGBTQ bar “OutWest” to open this summer

The site of the new West Seattle venue, "OutWest". Photo: West Seattle Blog.

We hate getting scooped, but the fine folks at West Seattle Blog got the skinny on the news that a new LGBTQ (but all will be welcome) bar and restaurant is opening in West Seattle this summer. The venue, named “OutWest” will occupy the former Westside Pharmacy building at California & Brandon, a bit aways from the main stretch of businesses on California. It’s the first LGBTQ venue in that neighborhood in several years; Guppy’s in the heart of “The Junction” closed a few years back and despite the large numbers of LGBTQ people who live in the area, West Seattle has been surprisingly free of queer specific businesses. Check out Keri DeTore’s post for more details.

A specific opening date has not been announced. We’ll keep you posted….we know the husbears of West Seattle have been keening for their own place to call home closer to their “dens”. You don’t always feel like schlepping to the Hill to have a drink with other like minded souls.

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3 Responses to West Seattle Blog got the scoop: New LGBTQ bar “OutWest” to open this summer

  1. Avatar Eric says:

    Your use of the word queer is offensive to a lot of us who liken it to the “N” word. After being called this for a lot of my life in school and growing up, it distresses me to see it being used as a neogay label that encompasses most in the lgbt community.

  2. Avatar Rene says:

    I agree with Eric. I don’t like being called a queer or a fag by anyone – gay or straight. Same way most blacks don’t like being called the “N” words.

    If this site is trying to turn the word “queer” into a new, trendier version of “gay”, they need to stop because it’s a degrading term that simply needs to go away.

  3. Avatar Michael Strangeways says:

    I did change out the “Queer” in the header because it did sound a bit inflammatory in that context, but we don’t shy away from using “Queer” on the site, in the proper context, and we’re not going to. MANY LGBTQ people embrace the word, especially younger ones and it is commonly used as a euphemism for “gay”. I don’t want people yelling “Hey, Queer!” at me on the street but used as an adjective, as in “Queer Space” or “Queer Cinema” I embrace it. I’m not keen on being called, “Gramps” or “Chubby Guts” but that doesn’t mean I’m never going to use those words, when appropriate.

    I also don’t think “queer” is exactly the equivalent of using “nigger” (No, I don’t use the moronic “N Word”) which has more layers of meaning and intolerance than “queer” in my opinion. “Queer” or “Faggot” used as an epithet is certainly hateful and demeaning, but queer people haven’t been enslaved or subject to the levels of intolerance that people of color have been subject to over the centuries. It’s like comparing an average flu bug to cancer…both are harmful to the body, but they’re not on the same playing field.