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June 7, 2011 Comments Off on Glitter and hair for days at the Ms Bacon Strip Pageant! Views: 1573 #Fashion, Arts & Entertainment, Drag, Drag O'Tainment, Living

Glitter and hair for days at the Ms Bacon Strip Pageant!

Strangeways Note: Our lovely Denise has been AWOL from the site for awhile, busy working her “day” job but she gave herself a night off and went to Ms Bacon Strip at Re-bar to check out the fashions…though, I’m hurt she didn’t praise my $24 tux jacket from Red Light that I bought that same day. It was deliciously slimming, albeit helped by the fact I was standing next to large men wearing dresses and high heels…ironically, I felt very petite and girlish despite the fact I was the only penis on that stage not wearing make-up (well, not much make-up) and a push up bra.

There were queens a la plenty at the Ms Bacon strip pageant.
The crowd was lined up around the block to see the fierce competition.
10 queens enter 1 queen leaves!
The crowd inside is ready for the show!
Sylvia opened the show in a mod peach dress perfect for the quintessential hostess.
“This year Re-Bar; next year the Paramount!”
Celebrity judge panel included performers Ade and Jackie Hell, with Michael Strangeways from Seattle Gay Scene.
Ms Little Wendy, a pageant expert, was on hand to sing the national anthem until she had a balloon malfunction! Never seen someone work a balloon quite like that!
MORE fashion run down after the JUMP!
The first contestant Cherry Sur Bete was rocking space age glamour.
Grace Jones meets a hot Star Trek alien.

If Courtney Love and Britney Spears from the crazy days, had a love child it would be Colony. Ms America giving white trash awesomeness.

Homo Aragato was sunny side up in her egg and bacon bikini.
Honey Bucket looked like J Lo if she was cast in the Scarface movie.
Aleksa Manila- Asian vision of glamour in black.
Jinkx Monsoon was ice skating meets Dancing with the Stars.
Magnolia Crawford was cat woman meets Gwen Stefani with hair to die for!
Ms Bliss in a simple purple string bikini with the best tuck of the evening.
Miley Psoriasis AKA Kerry Darling… Simple black retro suit with the best skin of the night.
Ursula Major was sizzling in a bacon bikini. Flawless makeup!
Maxine del la Cunt performed in a long purple gown that she borrowed from Julie McCoy. She got an audience member to help with her gloves.
Bacon deep throat!
Jackie Hell was clexy in her Disco Sally meets Golden Girls on Hennessey.
Bringing clexy back!
Ade belted out an original song in a champagne dress paired with totes hot shoes.
Space aliens chic
Umbilical cords are the new black.
Homo Aragato performed in a Dynasty prom dress from the 80’s.
Honey Bucket rapping in fur and simple black ho dress.
Philip Heier and the Beauty Pageant Bus Party 2011 stopped by for the event.
Ms Singahore raised the most money on the Beauty Pageant Bus Party 2011.
Rhinestones are a girl’s best friend.
Heavy metal ice goddess.
Western beauty pageant with purple fringe and sequins. Best smile!
Gorge Goth Mermaid getting some extra points from the “judges”.
Rocking red boots! Flawless, but we do love a tutu. Tom and Lorenzo wold be proud.
And the winners are…
3rd runner up Honey Bucket.
2nd  runner up Miley Psoriasis AKA Kerry Darling
and MS Bacon Strip 2011 is Jinkx Monsoon.
Whatever you do don’t eat the bacon roses!
Great show!

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