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July 26, 2011 Comments (1) Views: 1007 Uncategorized

It’s Birfday Wishes and Caviar Dreams for Sylvia & Mom!

Two of Seattle’s oldest and dearest entertainers share a birfday today, July 26th! Big delicious Day of Birth wishes to Sylvia O’Stayformore and Mark “Mom” Finley as they gleefully enter their “Golden Years”.

And, if we count back 9 months we can only surmise that Ma & Pa O’Stayformore and Mama & Papa Finley were up to some Halloween shenanigans oh so many years ago…perhaps Mother O’Stayformore dressed up like Turkey Dinner and Pops stuffed her! Maybe Old Mother Finley put on her favorite Polish costume and Daddy Finley dressed up like Germany and invaded her! Who knows? The 1920’s were a LOOOOONG time ago, and who knows what sort of mating rituals they had back then? But, it’s fun to make guesses!

We keed, we keed…we adore these two glamourpuss broads…Seattle would be dull as Boise without them.

A delicious toast to two of Seattle’s most beloved entertainers…buy them a drink, or two, if you see them out and about!

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One Response to It’s Birfday Wishes and Caviar Dreams for Sylvia & Mom!

  1. Thank you to everyone!!
    PSSST – it wasn’t Poland… it was Belgium! (Germany only invaded Poland – once!! They were going in and out of Belgium like a revolving door!!)
    I’ll be out and about for my Birthday – and performing Wednesday night at Aleksa Manila’s FUZED show Wednesday night at Neighbours to celebrate as well!! Hope to say any or all of you out and about!!
    M’wah – M.