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BINGO a Wonderful Way to Give!

This was the weekend of Bingo. I am the hostess at Senior Center of West Seattle Rainbow Bingo on Friday. We had a really fun evening playing bingo with the West Seattleites. On Sunday, the Italian, Honey Bucket and I decided to go out. Since the 2 sisters are such a huge help to me in West Seattle we decided to go down in support their other show, X-rated Bingo with Momma and Kiki. All proceeds go to a different charity every month. Winners of bingo get to choose from a bunch of grab bags from sex toys . Prizes range from porn, vibrators to signed beefcake calendars. The cover is cheap only $5.00 to play. So we went down to support. Momma and Kiki worked the games like pros. The evening was filled in inappropriate touching x-rated language spontaneous dancing. The charity that got the donations that night was Gilda’s Cub. So if you are looking for a great cause in the south end think of going to Momma and Kiki’s Xrated Bingo Last Sundays of the month at Vibe.


Sylvia and Tor start to record.


Recently we had the opportunity to meet and work with Butch Cavity, local musician and producer. My band Sylvia and Tor have been looking to record some of our songs to start doing videos and CD releases. Well Butch stepped forward and said he could help. So we have been working with him for a couple of weeks to get a few of our tracks recorded down to digital tracks. I must admit it is a bit strange to hear myself sing. I tend to be my own worst critic. I have to admit I think it was very cool to be able to actually sing along to myself at the Bingo last Friday. The West Seattle crowd seemed to like it. Our first song is called “Maybe”- originally released by Jane Morgan in 1965. I hope you will like our version. So here is your taste of the Sylvia and Tor doing our version of Maybe.



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