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December 23, 2011 Comments Off on “Homo for the Holidays” goes viral with a hot new video of “Born This Way”. Views: 1637 #Theater and Stage, Media, Video Fun Land, Videos

“Homo for the Holidays” goes viral with a hot new video of “Born This Way”.

Our Lady of The Make-Up: The Holy Mother, Saint BenDeLaCreme. Photo: Alex Berry

We went and saw it on opening night and adored it, but our Big Gay Spokesman and Overlord, Dan Savage went and saw DeLouRue Production’s seasonal holiday theatrical treat “Homo for the Holidays” at West Hall in the Oddfellows Building and being the big homo he is, Dan fell in love with the charming show, especially Ben DeLaCreme’s delightful mash up of the Holy Birth and Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” featuring the entire cast of the show including Cherdonna & Lou, Kitten LaRue, Fushia Foxxx and Jesus himself, Ilvs Strauss, (with a cameo from Jinkx Monsoon). Over on The Stranger’s Slog, Dan raved about the show and that particular number in a post and demanded someone help DeLouRue Production’s turn that number into a video treat to be shared with the world. Naturally, we (and several other mutual friends) all emailed our friend/contributor Alex Berry and told him, “Guess what? There’s another fun, hot, non-paying gig out there that’s right up your alley!” Like minds thinking alike, Alex and DeLa connected and gathered the cast and they filmed this video very quickly earlier this week Thursday night and it’s ready to spring forward upon the digital world.

If ya’ll want to SEE “Homo for the Holidays” live and in person, there are only TWO shows left…Saturday, December 24 is upon us and the “Homo” kids are performing TWO shows, at 7pm and 10pm and a few tickets are still left for each show. Head over to Brown Paper Tickets and claim yours before they’re all gone! It’s much better than going to some dreary Hollywood film like that awful Sherlock Holmes shit with Robert Downey Jr….ugh.

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