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Seattle Red Dress Countdown Day One!

Some LOVELY Ladies from a Red Dress Portland event.

OH MY! The clock is ticking louder and louder and you’re running out of time to get your tickets and whip up a FABULOUS ensemble to wear to the 2012 Seattle Red Dress Party, benefiting FOUR awesome AIDS/HIV charities: Gay City, Lifelong AIDS Alliance, Rise n’ Shine and Rosehedge/Multifaith Works! It’s THE fundraising event of the year not only because it benefits four groups that do amazing work, BUT, because it’s a helluva party….and, where else do you get to see virile men (and women) in divine red garments?

If seeing the “Lady in Red” isn’t enough to entice you, there’s always the fabu entertainment…this year the headliner is the divine diva, Deborah Cox making her Seattle performing debut. PLUS, the added benefits of DJ Brian Gorr, DJ Almond Brown and hostess/co-organizer and Queen of Community Leaders, Miss Gaysha Starr.

Tickets are still available, but please don’t dawdle…you can get them at the Seattle Red Dress website and can choose between General Admission OR the VIP Experience which gets you:

– 8:00 early entry for VIP pre-party at Fremont Studios
– Free coat check
– Express entry and coat check at main entry
– 3 complimentary drinks
– Upfront stage experience and VIP lounge
– Private fully staffed VIP bar
– Complimentary water and non alcoholic drinks

Oh, and you also save $20 off both VIP/GA if you buy your tickets in ADVANCE! Go to BrownPaper Tickets for the General Admission tickets  and for the VIP tickets, you go HERE, which is a PayPal site. (Your name will be on the VIP Guest List after purchasing tickets.)

The other clock ticking, is the one for finding an amazing one of a kind RED dress to wear…we spent the WHOLE weekend looking and we’re still not done…but, it’s tough finding cute clothes in Big Gal sizes.

And, remember, it needs to be RED! Patterns are ok, but the dominant color MUST be a shade of red (Pink is NOT red, BTW!) and it needs to be a dress or skirt/combo outfit…no pantsuits, no matter how girly they are! Also, you don’t need to find women’s shoes and you don’t need to wear make-up/wig/etc. It’s not necessarily a drag event, though you certainly can go all out if you desire!

Make it WERQ!



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