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Untucked with Brian: Pride Floats…Three Strikes and You’re Out!

February 28, 2012 Comments Off on Untucked with Brian: Willam Orders Tears From China After a Excruciating Episode of Snatch Game Views: 4352 RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4

Untucked with Brian: Willam Orders Tears From China After a Excruciating Episode of Snatch Game

Disclaimer: If you have not seen this episode, there will be spoilers in this review.

So, we are back for another round of RuPaul’s Drag Race and this week it’s the return of the hit “Snatch Game”, so sit tight with your glass of vino or vodka on the rocks and get ready for a good read, hunty. The transformations this week for Snatch Game include: Chad Michaels as Cher, Sharon Needles as Michelle Visage, Phi Phi as Lady Gaga, Kenya Michaels as Beyonce, Willam Belli as Jessica Simpson, Milan as Diana Ross, Latrice Royale as Aretha Franklin, Dida Ritz as Wendy Williams, and Jiggly Caliente as Snookie.  Comedian Ross Matthews and Loretta Devine were the stars on the other end of the panel as the celebrity guests on the show.

Sharon Needles killed the runway with her obsession with Chad Michaels plastic surgery.

My top three picks for Snatch Game were Sharon Needles as Michelle Visage and Chad Michaels as Cher and Latrice Royale as Aretha Franklin. Latrice Royale and Chad Michaels were baffled at the unprofessional-ism displayed by Jiggly Caliente, Kenya Michaels and Phi Phi O’Hara. I totally have to agree because you have right in front of you the “Dreamgirl” sensation, Loretta Devine. Milan’s Diana Ross was dead and her eye makeup made her look cross-eyed. Phi Phi’s Lady Gaga did not show any personality and I didn’t get any of her jokes during the show. Overall, it was a hot mess Snatch Game with the exception of Chad Michaels, Latrice Royale, Willam Belli and Sharon Needles!!!

On the runway…Dida Ritz and Kenya Michels did not make my list of notables for their runway looks. It just fell short. On the other side of the spectrum, I really enjoyed the runway looks of Willam Belli, Latrice Royale, and Chad Michels for obvious reasons. Their fashion looks really impressed me and are quite fashion forward. Willam Belli showed some sort of a breakdown on the elimination stage, among a handful of the other girls. In the bottom two were Kenya Michaels and Milan to Lip-Sync for their lives to Madonna’s “Vogue” and the queen that goes home is Kenya Michaels. Girl – there were a couple of moments where clearly you did not know the words to this song.

“She ordered those tears from China”  – Sharon Needles

The show really begins and gets steamy in the Untucked episode which takes place backstage in the Interior Illusions Lounge and the Gold Bar. When I say steamy, I’m not referring to the sweat room at the gym. I’m speaking of tears of queens coming together and beginning to act like sisters. Or, is that just Willam putting on a show because she’s an actor? Willam and Kenya exchange a touching hug before Kenya and Milan go out to the runway to prove themselves to the judges panel to stay in the competition and Kenya Michaels is sent home.

Kenya Michaels is the fifth queen to go home and leave the competiton. We wish you many great broken legs in the future, Kenya!

Check back next week for another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race and another issue of “Untucked with Brian”. There is only seven queens left on the show, which means that in about eight weeks, I’ll be headed to New York City to walk the red carpet as official press on behalf of Seattle Gay Scene and representing Seattle, Washington. Since I missed my opportunity to attend the premiere party, I’m not going to miss out on the finale party with the queens and elite socialites in New York City. Watch out Big Apple…New Queer on the Block is coming for your snatch with a new style, a new look, and a new attitude.




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