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Mormons//Ricochet//Drag Race Finale: So much to do…

Bitch had better win, or the streets will run red with BLOOD!!!!

Mondays are supposed to be quiet…and, judging by our Calendar, mainly concerned with Karaoke. (Jeebus! There are a LOT of Karaoke options in this town! Apparently, you folks LOVE embarrassing yourselves in public with your catterwauling versions of “Send in the Clowns” and “Don’t Stop Believin'”….)

Tonight is a wee bit different, ’cause there are several alternatives to singin’ out loud…it’s hard for us to recommend just one so here are some Lovely Options for Monday, April 23, 2012…and, check out ALL your options over at the Main Calendar; I’ve been doing a lot of updating lately and starting to add PRIDE EVENTS!!!!

Collide-O-Scope @ Re-bar is always a Ton-O-Fun and this time they’re featuring “Mormons and Gays” which go together like Phi Phi O’Hara and Sharon Needles. In case you’re not aware, Collide-O-Scope is the video fun night where Michael & Shane edit together a string of fun vintage clips to create a night of comedy genius…all that, plus free Red Vines and Popcorn! (No, not Red WINE…Red VINES, the awful candy treat!) And, to freshen your mind, Michael & Shane also put together many of the video clips for Dina Martina. Hee-larious stuff! You should check it out.

AND, speaking of the dreadful Miss O’Hara and the wonderful Miss Needles, tonight is the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 and it comes down to those two shady ladies PLUS the also wonderful Miss Chad Michaels. Normally, RuPaul crowns the winner of the season on this episode, but we’re guessing that might not happen this time and she’ll save it for next week’s Reunion Show. (Not a spoiler; it’s a gut feeling…and, I my gut is usually right about most things…well, not men or money, but that’s a different story.)

There are “Drag Race” viewings all over the Hill, including R Place, Diesel and CC Attle’s but the OFFICIAL LOGO viewing party is at Lobby Bar with hosts, Glamazonia and Lily Armani and the fun starts tonight at 8pm. It should be an emotional evening…especially if it turns out that the untalented twat burger Phi Phi O’Hara manages to win…shudders.

For artier folks, you can check out the special Monday performance of a gay themed play, “A Language of Their Own” at Richard Hugo House…I’m going tonight (since I’m arty) and you should too. OR, there’s the monthly arts event, “Ricochet” which is moving to a new venue for this month, Pony. We love this event, created by the adorable Devin Bannon, and it’s a smorgasbord of queer and queer friendly entertainment featuring live bands, singers, actors and various other arty farty types. Here’s the poo on this month’s edition which features our adorable contributor Alex Berry and a zexy new film he’s been working on:


The next Ricochet Recital will be held at Pony next Monday, April 23rd from 10-2am! And this one is 21+! Pony is located on Madison and 13th on Capitol Hill. In case you’re new, here’s some background:

This Ricochet Recital is a show featuring live music and prizes, and headlining this month is the insane and sickening BLOODKRY$TALWOLF!!!

Hosted by YOURS TRULY, this evening’s lineup serving up some good old fashioned WITCH HOUSE REALNESS will also include such fine local talents as:

Alicia Amiri
Deejay JACK
DJ ( ϕ ∨~ ϕ )
Gogo Ghouls!
from local luminary filmmaker ALEX BERRY.

Each Ricochet Recital raises funds for an arts project or group, and this show will be raising money for the Washington Ensemble Theatre, our beloved loval performing arts company located on 19th and Mercer.

As the Washington Ensemble Theatre is going to shortly be unveiling their new demonic and sonic show “BED/SNAKE”, the theme of this recital is: “FREAK NIGHT”. Think Witch House, The Craft, Actual Pain, Edge of the Circle, Sharon Needles, Goth-hot, black jeans, black eyes, and black hearts.

And check out this trailer if you’d like to see a little bit more about the general Ricochet process:


Did I mention spooky specialty drinks?!


-Devin Bannon

Too much fun for one night…


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