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Overwhelmed by Seattle Center? There’s Pride at The Funhouse!

June 20, 2012 Comments Off on Get “Pinned” At The Hard Rock On Wednesday Views: 1322 Seattle Pride 2012

Get “Pinned” At The Hard Rock On Wednesday

Nice camel toe.

Pins are apparently a big deal…the Olympics have them and so does Seattle’s Gay Pride. Seattle Out & Proud and The Hard Rock Cafe have joined forces again for their annual “Pride Pin Launch Party” happening this Wednesday, June 20th starting at 6pm.

Help us celebrate the 2012 edition in a lively, music, song, dance and prize-filled evening, featuring McArthur Park, the Seattle 2012 Pride Idol winners, DJ PAVONE (STIFFED/BOTTOM 40), and your skyscraper hostess, Mama Tits at Seattle’s Hard Rock Cafe in Belltown, sponsored by HARD ROCK CAFE and SMIRNOFF.

We have no idea what the pin looks like, but they’re not our cup of tea anyway…we prefer a nice brooch with emeralds and rubies.

We went over to the Hard Rock Cafe website and they have a buttload of pins for sale commemorating every holiday and occasion with most of the pins featuring big busted ladies that look like trampy groupies. We’re hoping the Pride Pin features something more appropriate like a jocky lesbian with a mullet or a strung out twink wearing a glitter thong.

We keed, we keed…

The real pin features George Bakan wearing a mullet wig and a glitter thong.

Grab’em while they’re HOT!


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