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Jackie Beat Gets The Boot…PLUS, Some Local Tea!

Who doesn’t love gossip and especially gossip that relates to Drag Queens and Gay Nightlife? Let’s Dish! (We love the word “kiki” but it’s so August 2012…) From WeHo Confidential, comes this tidbit. Drag Superstar/Comedienne Jackie Beat was apparently 86’d from her own event at The Abbey in West Hollywood:

Honnay! Let me tell you somethin’, Monday night has never seen this much drama! We thought it was a Saturday when we heard that just moments ago, world famous drag queen Jackie Beat was escorted out of The Abbey on her OWN night – Jackie Beat’s Mascara Mondays! Details are limited but a source states she was removed by security during the shows intermission and told to beat it!

Read the whole story and check out the Tweets over at WeHo Confidential (which can be a bit NSFW) Meanwhile, in Seattle, we’ve heard the following bits of innuendo:

  • Allegedly, some of the OLDER clubs on the Hill are a bit threatened by the presence of a brand new shiny club that’s snatching a lot of their business. ALLEGEDLY, a couple of the OLD, OLD, OLD clubs have sent their minions in to cause problems like behaving inappropriately in the new club (dirty behavior that could get the new club in trouble with the Washington State Liquor Control Board) and even a very wild report that someone tried to bring a RAT into the new club. Yeah, I know…it sounds far-fetched but FAR stranger things have happened. Despite the public facade that gay clubs are all “one big happy, hand holding, Kum-Ba-Ya singing community partners in love” Family, the fact of the matter is, it’s still all about BUSINESS and making the money…
  • What’s the story about that OTHER, not quite as new gay club? Are they really a “gay” venue? Or are the straight partners in the venue insisting it start leaning more towards the hetero inclined end of the sexuality spectrum? Does anyone actually care by this point? Aren’t ALL venues on the Hill pretty well integrated to one degree or the other anyway? And, hasn’t the train already left the station as to the fate of this not quite as new club? Do we hear the strains of “Nearer My God To Thee” in the distance as Kate and Leo hang on for dear life? Glub, glub, glub…Maybe the straight owners need to concentrate on selling $8 hot dogs to dim-witted yuppies and hipsters…
  • Why do so many venues that have drag queen entertainers insist on exclusivity but aren’t willing to pay a decent wage FOR that exclusivity? Why do the queens put up with it? Is that crummy $50 a show worth being enslaved to ONE venue? Isn’t it about time some queen went all “Norma Rae” and jumped up on a make-up table with a big “Drag Queen Union” sign? It got Sally Field an Oscar, after all. And, what’s with that one older club who allegedly instantly black balls anyone who leaves their employee, even if it’s just someone quitting to take a new job? Of course, said club likes to blackball EVERYONE who irritates them, so it’s not a surprise…
  • And, what about that unpleasant owner of another drag related venue, who allegedly told one of his most beloved and experienced performers, she needed make-up lessons…REALLY? A 50something queen with an overworked puss like that, REALLY shouldn’t be making comments about anyone else’s looks! (And, get some COMFORTABLE CHAIRS, for Chrissake! You want $40+ to sit in fuckin’ PLASTIC shit chairs? REALLY? Even drunken, no tipping, fat brides to be from the East Side expect a bit more than that for their dollar…)

So many bridges to burn…so little time. Then again, NONE of these “bridges” lead anywhere…and, most of them are doomed anyway.

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