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November 28, 2012 Comments Off on BIG Bacon Strip News: Sylvia & The BS Gang Are Moving To Chop Suey In 2013 Views: 1376 Nightlife, We Love The Nightlife

BIG Bacon Strip News: Sylvia & The BS Gang Are Moving To Chop Suey In 2013

The second worst kept secret on the Hill is revealed…Sylvia O’Stayformore is moving her Bacon Strip to Chop Suey in January 2013! Photo: Ryan Georgi/PoseWith.Us

The December edition of Sylvia O’Stayformore’s popular monthly drag/boylesque cabaret BACON STRIP is this coming Saturday, December 1st and it’s the eagerly awaited Holiday show, “Hoes of Whosville” so you can expect lots of disgusting and perverse numbers involving Santa, elven sex and disrespectful tributes to iconic characters like the Grinch and Jesus. You can get advance tickets over at BrownPaper Tickets for only $8 plus handling. Do IT! You NEED a little Christmas! Right this very minute!!!!!

Sylvia and the Bacon Strip Crew just had a big ass conclave to discuss some HUGE changes to Bacon Strip for 2013…no, they didn’t elect a new Bacon Pope but they did decide to move the Strip up to the Hill…yes, Bacon Strip is leaving its long time home at Re-bar to their their deluxe new home in the sky. Starting in January, Bacon Strip will now be at Chop Suey! AND, it will now be happening the SECOND Saturday of the month, and not the first, so mark your calendars for Saturday, January 12th to check out the BS at their new Capitol Hill home!

Why the move? Bacon Strip is ready to grow and the Chop is larger than Re-bar and obviously it is right in the heart of Capitol Hill with far more foot traffic and access to other nightlife venues. Now, you’ll be able to pop into Bacon Strip, then head around the corner to Diesel or Madison Pub or Pony before or after the show, or even during intermission. FUN!

One other piece of BS news…the Miss Bacon Strip Pageant is moving to April this year, from its previous berth in June and it’s going to tie in with a new queer music festival as well…


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