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November 4, 2012 Comments Off on Ho Mo Arigato & The Darlings Pay Tribute To Maxine At Bacon Strip Views: 1489 Media, Videos

Ho Mo Arigato & The Darlings Pay Tribute To Maxine At Bacon Strip

It’s Kerry Darling, Ho Mo Arigato and James Darling in a very special video tribute by Perry Wales, for the retiring Miss Maxine DeLaCunt!

Sadly, the SGS crew had to bail on the last half of last night’s Bacon Strip Pajama Party at Re-bar to head to Neumos for The Victory Party so we missed this delicious video starring the current reigning Miss Bacon Strip, Ho Mo Arigato and those Darling Boys, James and Kerry. Saturday night’s show was a double header; it was Bacon Strip’s 8th Birthday AND it was the swan song for one of its fiercest divas, Maxine DeLaCunt who’s retiring from active performing. As a result, many of last night’s numbers paid loving and frequently snarky tribute to Miss DeLaCunt and since Miss Arigato is out of town this weekend, at Palm Springs Pride fulfilling one of her Miss Bacon Strip obligations as a special guest performer, she got together with Bacon Strip historian/videographer Perry Wales and the Darling Boys to concoct this delightfully drunken tribute/homage to Miss DeLaCunt featuring a very special version of Sondheim’s The Ladies Who Lunch from “Company”. It’s a boozy hoot!

Enjoy! Have another vodka stinger!

And, a fond farewell to Miss DeLaCunt. That will be one cunt that will be hard to fill in the hearts of Bacon Strip fans. (And, we’re guessing there’s already a betting pool out there on how long her retirement will last…ya can’t keep a good queen  down for long…)

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