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January 19, 2013 Comments Off on Bearracuda Is BACK At The Eagle; Mr. Brown and Mr. Gorr At Q…AND, We Wonder WTF Is Going On With Red Dress Party 2013? Views: 2451 Stuff to Do

Bearracuda Is BACK At The Eagle; Mr. Brown and Mr. Gorr At Q…AND, We Wonder WTF Is Going On With Red Dress Party 2013?

Photo Credit: Kathy Bugajsky for SGS

Photo Credit: Kathy Bugajsky for SGS

On Saturday’s plate o’options…and, a rant.

First up: AGAIN, we’re plugging an event at The Eagle which proves we can and do show love to bars who don’t advertise with us…hint, hint Eagle…

BEARRACUDA is back in town tonight at The Eagle…Seattle was one of the first cities to host the increasingly popular bear dance party but we haven’t seen it for awhile…apparently, Matt Bearracuda has been busy spreading the franchise to Omaha, Peoria, and Djibouti! But, the fishy bears are back for January with guest djs, massage and the usual clothes check:

Bearracuda Seattle – Saturday, January 19th
Underwear Party!
DJ Nick Bertossi (Vancouver, BC) & Freddy KOP
Back for ONE NIGHT at Seattle Eagle – 314 E. Pike
Go-go bear, Ross, from Portland!
$5 b4 10pm, $7 after

Take 2 seconds and like the NEW Bearracuda page here:

Hey guys!

We’re back for one big night at the Seattle Eagle. We’re stripping down to boxers, briefs, jocks and less!

Very special guest from Vancouver, DJ Nick Bertossi and Freddy King of Pants!

Chair Massage by Wendell @ Massage For Seattle Inc
Licensed Massage Practitioner for 7 years.
$20 for 15 minutes / $25 for 20 minutes
credit Cards excepted.

MEANWHILE, over at Q, there’s a reunion of two popular djs…DJ Almond Brown and DJ Brian Gorr are “Back…For One Night Only” at Q tonight starting at 10pm. (It’s no cover before 10pm/$10 after and don’t forget that 18+ can enter after 2am and Q stays open ALL night long on Fri/Sat.) The two haven’t worked together apparently since last year’s Red Dress Party…

AND, speaking of Red Dress Party, what the HELL is up with that? The mega popular fundraiser for local AIDS/HIV non-profits had a stunningly successful event last February at Fremont Studios with special guest Deborah Cox. They then announced that tickets for the 2012 event would go on sale in the fall  but that came and went without any information. THEN we heard that Q was hosting Red Dress in 2013…THEN we heard that Gay City was taking over running the event…THEN we heard local promoters were taking it over…THEN we heard there was going to be two competitive Red Dress events! NOW, the official Red Dress Party website advises us to stay tuned for more information and that the date and venue for this year’s event are changing!

We sent emails to all of the parties involved…and got very little response. (Yes, we get a lot of respect in this town…despite the fact we were media sponsors last year and promoted the hell out of the event…BITTER! Party of one!!!) So, we don’t really know WTF is going on about Red Dress 2013. Our hope is, that there will NOT be two events because that would be a stupid fucking thing to do…Red Dress is a SPECIAL EVENT that raises a lot of money for needy non-profits that do amazing things for the community. It needs to be an event that brings the community together, and not one that causes divides.

Regardless of where/when the hell it’s gonna take place, we’ll keep you informed.

If anyone tells us anything…

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