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June 18, 2013 Comments Off on Rumors, Lies, Secrets…The Egyptian / Drag Race / Mystery Bar To Move Edition Views: 1516 Gossip Hound, News, Seattle Gay Scene

Rumors, Lies, Secrets…The Egyptian / Drag Race / Mystery Bar To Move Edition

A Toast To The Egyptian! Come Back, SOON!

A Toast To The Egyptian! Come Back, SOON!

So many rumors…and, secrets…and lies…and truths…



1) Seattle and Capitol Hill’s beloved Egyptian Cinema at Pike & Harvard is going tits up

That sadly, is true. Landmark Cinemas who have operated the space since 1989 declined to renew their lease with Seattle Central Community College who have owned the building since the early 90s. The cinema chain, originally founded in Seattle, has struggled in the last few years, discarding both the Metro multi-plex and The Neptune in the University District. Capitol Hill Seattle broke the story and further details have been released in the last 24 hours including the news that SCCC will begin a search for a tenant on July 1. Landmark’s last day screening films at the Egyptian will be July┬áJune 27.

There’s been a lot of mourning about these recent events with people seemingly convinced that The Egyptian is doomed…either destined to be turned into a non-cinema/theatrical space or torn down. But, it seems unlikely that SCCC would do either; for one thing, the public outcry and protests would be fierce. There’s also been speculation that the Seattle International Film Festival would take over, or Seattle Theatre Group (they assumed the lease at The Neptune), or even McMenamins who operate several cinemas in Portland. No word from STG or McMenamins, but SIFF has already announced that it would be unlikely that they would assume the lease; the group already took over another dying cinema, the Uptown in Lower Queen Anne, two years ago.

Regardless, we think it wise to hold off on any sort of wake for The Egyptian…we have a feeling someone will swoop in to save the day.


2) A Beloved Bar In Seattle Is Looking To Move To A New Home

It’s just a rumor, but a little bird like friend of ours whispered in our ear that he heard that a popular Capitol Hill venue of the lgbtq persuasion might be looking to move from its current location on the Hill, to a DIFFERENT location on the Hill, and one that is located adjacent to another lgbtq bar. We haven’t talked to a soul actually associated with the rumored bar, but…we will!

3) A Beloved Monthly Event That Kicked The Bucket Will Be Back In The Fall

This one is 100% true but we can’t breath a word about it, just yet. The revival of the event will be welcomed by many, but the new location for the event IS a bit shocking…hopefully, folks will follow the merrymakers to their new home. One upside to the move: lots of yummy restaurants in the new ‘hood to enjoy pre and post show!

4) Three Dollar Bill Cinema Has An AMAZING Opening Night Film For The Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival In October

We can’t mention the title, but it will be a very popular choice with plenty of opportunities to dress up and party and get “Filthy”…

5) A Seattle Drag Queen Is Off Filming RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six

Yup…or, rather probably. Who knows? Maybe they really DO have a sick relative out of town? And, the second kicker: allegedly there are TWO queens on Season Six with a Seattle connection. Our lips are sealed on THOSE two names, but we will spill at least one other name. We’ve already heard from multiple sources that Vicky Vox is NOT on Season Six. The lovely Ms Vox is part of a drag trio consisting of Willam, Detox and herself and it was largely believed that she was a shoo in to be on Season Six. Apparently, that ain’t happening. Drag Race has a new casting director this year and they went in a different direction with their casting process. Sad for Vicky, but happy news for Seattle drag fans…

6) Let The Gay Divorces BEGIN!

More than one wisenheimer has cracked, “Gay marriage is great, but it’s the Divorces that are gonna be fun!” and apparently, despite the fact it’s only been like six months since same sex couples in Washington State could legally marry, the divorces have already started. We don’t have any names, nor would we print them, but it’s not any of the long time couples who legalized things after years of coupledom…it’s apparently some silly things who rushed into legality after only knowing each other for a very short period of time. Silly homos! Marriage is for ADULTS!

That’s all the poo we can throw for right now…I mean, we know all sorts of other filth we could blab about, but that really would get us run out of town on a rail…


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