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February 7, 2014 Comments Off on Bacon Strip Gets GOTHIC Views: 1287 Stuff to Do

Bacon Strip Gets GOTHIC


It’s a dilly of a pickle. 

You want to go to Seattle Red Dress Party but you currently don’t have the $$$ to buy tickets or shell out for a new gown.

Or, maybe you just can’t see yourself putting on a dress.

You have an option this Saturday night.

It’s BACON STRIP, Sylvia O’Stayformore’s monthly big gay variety show, and February features one of their most POPULAR themes.


It’s gonna get all dark and weird and creepy at Theatre Off Jackson, 409 7th Ave South in the International District, this Saturday night, February 8 with Sylvia, co-hostess Honey Bucket and the usual crazy cast of Bacon Strip including Cherry Sur Bete, The Darlings, Donna Tella Howe and so many more.

Plus, bacon.

And, the tickets are only $10 and you’re not required to wear ladies garments…even if you’re a lady.


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