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Cucci Binaca Unveils What It’s Like To Be An Active Duty “Hygiene Spray”

Cucci Binaca: Star of Tomorrow...TODAY! Photo: Rachel Robinson/Nark Magazine

Cucci Binaca: Star of Tomorrow…TODAY!
Photo: Rachel Robinson/Nark Magazine

Before either of us had ever considered doing drag, I had met Miss Binaca in a then top secret gay military organization. There was a group for it on Facebook (no, it wasn’t a hook-up group… but most of the thirsty fellas used it for such) and she had rose through the ranks to become in control of the Northwest Chapter. Over the years, the organization has become irrelevant and we both left it, though we remained chummy.

Cucci, who’s male persona Tyler Lane is equally as magical, has quickly pushed her way into the forefront of the Seattle Drag Scene. She lives in the Naval Yard City and serves in the United States Navy by day, while serving her signature “active duty c*nt” by night. I was able to squeeze into her busy schedule to talk about military drag queens, her plans for Seattle Pride, and her new drag show.


Heather Hysteric: First things first, let’s start off with your name. You originally had Coochie but shortened it to Cucci. Binaca comes from the mouth spray of the 80s. To my knowledge, the whole thing means ‘pussy spray’. Correct? Is that too vulgar?

Cucci Binaca: I like the aesthetic of CUCCI and the play of being a knock off designer, pussy brand. Coochie seemed too literal and I wanted to be more playful. Binaca mouth spray is very intense. At first it burns, but then it’s refreshing. I was born on the day of intensity and can be described as intense.

HH: For me, when I started drag in the Air Force, it got mixed reviews by my fellow soldiers. Eventually, everyone warmed up to it and even started coming to my shows. Has your experience been the same? Do they even know about it?

CB: I know for a fact that the Navy is more open minded to queer culture. We are sailors after all. My fellow petty officers and junior sailors are huge supporters of Cucci. They come to shows, events, and love to ask questions. The cutest thing is that my sailors can always tell when I just did drag due to my lack of mustache. I am pretty sure my whole command knows about my twirling habits.

HH: You’ve shoved a crucifix into your fauxgina bursting blood all over The Mix’s dance floor, then you fake snorted poppers at the first Fierce Queen, and at the last one you wore condoms all over your dress. Is it your main goal to shock people with your drag? Or, do you prefer not to have a label and just facilitate dragtastic feelings?

CB: As much as I like standing in glam/goo/poo getting my picture taken, I like performing. I am a performance artist. I will marinate with an idea for months. I enjoy making people feel some sort of way. Drag Queens are like ice cream. There is a flavor out there for everybody. I just prefer my flavor to be perverse and runny.

Zak the Barber and Miss Cucci. Photo: Rachel Robinson/Nark Magazine

Zak the Barber and Miss Cucci.
Photo: Rachel Robinson/Nark Magazine

HH: Locally, who has been your biggest inspiration? What about elsewhere across America?

CB: I’ve been a fan of Amoania’s drag before I even lived in the area. I appreciate their expression. Any bitch who shaves off their eye brows is a winner in my book. I am deeply obsessed with VAINHEIN from the Bay Area. I met them one time in San Francisco and would not shut the fuck up and just kept rambling about how talented and gifted they were and blah blah blah. The next day I was so mortified, I deactivated my Facebook account for being such a coo coo. VAINHEIN IS THE FUCKING T!

HH: Tell me about your plans for Seattle Pride next month, especially your hosting gig at DICKSLAP Pride. You’ve become quite the ‘Nark’ girl, so it’s fitting that you’re fronting one of the biggest parties.

CB: I am super excited and honored to be hosting DICKSLAP Pride. I took Wednesday through Monday off for preparation and recovery. On June 20th, I am hosting my first show here in Kitsap County at Papa’s in East Bremerton (Detroit), titled Cucci’s Cake Batter. Olivia LaGarce will be my first guest performer. Think current events and drag queen cake eating contest.

HH: I was just going to ask you about ‘Cucci’s Cake Batter’. How did that all come about? Are you excited to have a show of your own?

CB: The community over here was feeling my absence. I was approached by Papa’s to start my own show. I let them know what I wanted to do and they were intrigued. Who wouldn’t want to see a drag queen compete in a cake eating contest? Kitsap County shows are my favorite crowds. They get wasted, tip heavily, and go on and on about how pretty I am. People in Kitsap come to drags shows to be entertained and love giving me their rent money. (Editor’s Note: Sign Tranma up!!!!)

HH: I haven’t been to a Kitsap show unfortunately, but I’ve always heard great things. Are they the same kind of crowds as Tacoma? Don’t be mean with your answer either, bitch. I know you!

CB: We lack a gay bar here. Our community gathers for special occasions at queer friendly bars or through Red Star Events. The queens in my show, I met through volunteering at The Q Center. They were youths then, they are women now.

HH: Last question. What do you hope to accomplish with Cucci Binaca for the rest of 2014 and onward? You’ll be getting out of the military soon, so that’ll shake things up, I assume.

CB: Anal rejuvenation and my pug face needs work.

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