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Review: “The Vaudevillians” Is A Lighthearted, Boozy Romp

October 15, 2014 Comments Off on Pot Smoking, Gay, Hippie, Rabble Rouser, Ex-Stranger Scribe Dominic Holden To Be Roasted Views: 2242 After Dark / After Hours, Arts & Entertainment, Comedy, News, Nightlife

Pot Smoking, Gay, Hippie, Rabble Rouser, Ex-Stranger Scribe Dominic Holden To Be Roasted

Yes, it's

Yes, it’s former Stranger Associate Editor, “Pot Smoking/Gay/Hippie/Rabble Rouser/Reporting Writer DOMINIC HOLDEN™”

Despite the fact he’s being run out of town, “Pot Smoking/Gay/Hippie/Rabble Rouser/Reporting Writer DOMINIC HOLDEN” is to be the guest of honor at a fundraising roast to be held Saturday, November 1st at Re-bar. Not so ironically, many of the folks who’ll be escorting Mr. Holden to the train station armed with pitchforks and torches, will be the ones doing the roasting…”Seattle’s Big Gay Mayor Ed Murray” is the top billed guest but City Attorney Pete Holmes and King County Sheriff John Urquhart will also be on hand, along with Jinkx Monsoon, Fellow Former Stranger Reporters Cienna Madrid and David “Goldy” Goldstein, Current Stranger writer Paul Constant, and many other special and “surprise guests”.

Is Dan Savage the surprise? We have our doubts…

“Pot Smoking/Gay/Hippie/Rabble Rouser/Reporting Writer DOMINIC HOLDEN” surprised many of his fans/foes when he recently announced he was leaving his Associate Editor’s gig at Seattle’s  rapidly aging alternative weekly, The Stranger and was moving to New York City to pursue a probably futile indie writing career. Mr. Holden was the Wunderkind who worked his way up The Stranger ladder reporting on many topics near and dear to his heart (pot, bicycles, transit, weed, urban density, aPodments, mary jane, the corruption of the Seattle Police Department, hemp….)

Dom will be missed by many but rumors that the Seattle Police Department will be staging a “Victory Parade” upon his departure are rumored and blatantly unlikely.

You can grab tickets to the Roast, which benefits Real Change, over here. The event is hosted and produced by a  Local Man, by the name of “Devin Bannon”.

This will sell out. After all, if you give people want they want, they’ll show up.

We keed, we keed….we love the adorkable “Pot Smoking/Gay/Hippie/Rabble Rouser/Reporting Writer DOMINIC HOLDEN“!!!!!

We’ll probably/maybe offer him a job as our Assistant Junior Calendar Editor when he’s back in town in eight six three months and living in an aPodment with 3 other freelance writers!!!

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