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Three Local Plays: The Good…The Bad….The Ugly….

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ICYMI: The last two episodes of Season 4 of Game of Thrones is currently playing at the Pacific Science Center’s PACCAR IMAX theater. Haven’t seen it yet? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

GUYZ. This is everything you never knew you always wanted, outside of sex (although arguably better than, in some cases). Imagine the visuals of the Broadway Lion King show, the best THX you’ve gotten out of Star Wars, and the perks of 3-D scenes, without all the ill side effects. BEST. EVER. Can you hear the nerd squee? Cuz it’s happening.

What’s better about seeing episodes the second time around (or third or fourth) on THE big screen—not just any, THE—is that you catch more visually and auditorially, not just in dialogue or plot. You can’t get that no matter how big your TV is or how awesome your computer system can be.

I just came from a Tuesday afternoon showing. Definetely not a full house, but it wasn’t to be expected. Hoped for, but not expected. The energy from the small crowd seemed barely awake enough even to take in the glory and splendor that is Game of Thrones. The baby dyke theater usher was a nice treat, though.

Anyway. Dude! That epically amazing theme song in digital surround sound filling up the theater was phenomenal!

Yeah, that. ONLY BETTER. Also? Giants, mammoths, the Wall, and dragons in the big screen, where they’re meant to be! Folks, you’re fooling yourselves if you think there isn’t a GoT film in the next few years. And that heartwrenching scene with Dany and her babies? There was crying. It was me. Pretty sure I was the only one.

One of the best things about Game of Thrones as a whole is that depsite its fantastical half-medieval setting, it’s much less sexist and mysogynist than the works from which Martin was influenced, i.e. Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, etc. The woman are complicated, and not the trope “strong women”. When women and men fight, they’re evenly matched in either brains or brawn or both. Cersei is one of the most feminist characters in the whole thing, and she’s my personal hero because of her scathing wit while drinking wine from fancy goblets.

P.S. Anyone else think Bram was totally gay for Jojen?

You need this, folks. Because April 12 is simply too far away, and you can only marathon the four seasons while ignoring your bodily functions for so long.

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