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November 10, 2015 Comments Off on Mimosas with Mama Cast Dazzles with “Little Shop” Views: 3338 Arts & Entertainment, Drag, Drag O'Tainment, Reviews, Seattle Drag, Stage

Mimosas with Mama Cast Dazzles with “Little Shop”


You’ve seen them as bedazzled Abba songstresses in “Mama Mia.” You’ve seen them as shoulder-padded career women in “9-to-5-ish.” You’ve seen them roll a gajillion amazing songs—and costumes—into “The Wicked Wiz of Oz.” But even if you’d seen every Mimosas with Mama performance since it first began, you still haven’t seen the show at this caliber.

Mama Tits has outdone herself with her latest installment of Mimosas: a sassy, soulful, sequined drag rendition of “Little Shop”.

I brought two of my parents (there are many) to the show a couple weeks ago, thinking it would be funny to see their reactions to Mama Tits’ foul-mouthed crowd warmers and a whole lotta dick jokes. They had a few questions. For example:

“Is that Isabella?”

“No, dear, THAT’S Isabella.”

“But that one has different make-up than Isabella did!”

“She changed her make-up backstage. What do they call it, Ry?”

“She beat her face.”

“BEAT HER FACE. That’s Isabella and she beat her face.”

Mama Tits as Audrey 2

Mama Tits as Audrey 2

We had a blast even before the show began. Per usual, the bar staff at Unicorn/Narwhal were amazing, getting us nice and sauced with mimosas and tequila shots, as one does on the lord’s day. Mama’s boys revved up the crowd with some scant underwear, animal masks, cupcake regalia, and a few of your other favorite things.

Then Mama introduced some changes. The show now boasts a new professional stage lighting system—they’re still working out the kinks—a new tech crew, and several new performers. Mimosas mainstays started us off, including the lip-synchresse Mama Tits herself, the ridiculously talented Tipsy Rose Lee with a delightful cabaret, and the leggy dark lady Isabella Extynn singing LIVE for a crowd full of hungover queens. And our parents.

New to the cast roster: Ruby Bouché, who had the audience completely enraptured in her Broadway number, followed by a hilarious Evita lip-synch from Sparkle Leigh dressed as Marge Simpson. The two new queens and their talents—both subtle and slapstick—make perfect additions to the ensemble.

A little birthday drinking here, a little auctioneering there, a little shirtless audience involvement from the ever-sexy Tork Shaw, and we were thirstier than a 10-dollar wig on a radiator.

Then we suddenly found ourselves on a dim Skid Row, with Miss Tipsy channeling the best fucking Ellen Greene channeling the best fucking Audrey you have ever seen. Sparkle Leigh, who learned the part of Seymour in 3 days, served us perfect comedic timing while Ruby and Isabella chorus-girled us the house down in glittering frocks and dowdy sweaters alike. And of course, Mama herself, somehow making a giant shimmering Venus fly-trap costume look expensive and sexy, delivered fun, memorable numbers to the musical’s soundtrack.

The show was an absolute hit, and one of the best in the Mimosas arsenal. Buy tickets for an upcoming Sunday, and bring the folks!

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