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Trump’s Headed To Everett….Wanna Counter Protest?

Seattle's Emperor Trump is now residing at the vintage shop, No Parking on Capitol Hill's Pike Street off of 11th Avenue. Photo: Via No Parking's FB page

Seattle’s Emperor Trump is now residing at the vintage shop, No Parking on Capitol Hill’s Pike Street off of 11th Avenue. Photo: Via No Parking’s FB page

Herr Trumpf is comin’ to town!!


For reasons that make little sense, professional celebrity/conman-businessman/ Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump is coming to Washington State on Tuesday, August 30, 2016 for a fundraiser (that part we get) and a rally (which we don’t).

Here’s what we mean…it’s not very logical for a presidential candidate in the all important few weeks between the summer party conventions that nominate them and the actual election day in November to visit states where they have slim to zero chance of winning. Since the United States has a bizarro electoral college where presidents are decided NOT by nationwide popular vote but based on winning individual states, it really isn’t a good use of time/resources for a Republican candidate like Trump (especially an inflammatory candidate like the Donald) to visit a liberal state like Washington. Or, vice versa, for a Democratic candidate to waste much time in Kansas. OR, for that matter, for candidates to waste any time in their OWN stronghold states. Dems don’t need to spend much time in Washington or Vermont and Republicans in Mississippi or Indiana. Candidates are best advised to target the swing states where the votes are up for grabs…which is why you see most candidates concentrating on visits and ad buys in Florida and Ohio and Michigan and North Carolina.

But, the Donald plays against the rules and he’s been making experienced Republican campaigners pull out their hair plugs by his odd scheduling that seems to ignore the places he SHOULD be, in favor of places he doesn’t really need to be campaigning in. In recent days, Trump has visited Connecticut (no chance of winning that state) and Mississippi (little chance of losing that state).  Now, he’s visiting Washington State for his fundraiser/rally combo.

Even the fundraiser is kind of a no-no. Most experienced presidential campaigns would send a second stringer like the candidate’s wife or kids, or even the vice presidential nominee to drum up support and money in non-battleground states while the actual candidate focuses on the states they NEED to take in order to win the election.

But, our Trump is a risk taker…

Eye roll.

If YOU would really like to express your displeasure with Mr. Trump and his hatred spewing/anti-gay/anti-immigration/anti-anything intelligent campaign, some local folks are organizing a counter protest across the street where Trump will have his rally in suburban Everett, Washington on Tuesday…Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson the directors/organizers of the annual Capitol Hill Pride Festival March & Rally held every year on Broadway, are organizing a counter protest at Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria, 1919 Hewitt Ave in Everett, across the street from Xfinity Arena where Trump will speak.

Here’s the poo.

Dear LGBT Community and Allies,

The Capitol Hill Pride Festival Committee has decided to counter protest the Trump Rally in Everett this coming Tuesday from 2-8pm and will be gathering with other LGBT persons, organizations and allies with Pride flags directly across from the Xfinity Arena at Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria at 1919 Hewitt Ave.
We hope if your schedule allows, to bring your Pride flag and any signs and stand in solidarity.
We believe its important to visibly demonstrate support for equality with the Pride emblem and not just during Pride weekend.
Not only to counter demonstrate an anti-gay Trump campaign but to show the public there are people and organizations and allies striving for equality and that awareness and acceptance are the answer and not discrimination. To the public, we are here and Trump is not the majority reflection of the people’s support of a Presidential candidate of the State of Washington.
The Human Rights Commission has said “Donald Trump has been a consistent opponent of marriage equality” and Trump’s Vice President pick of Mike Pence is considered one of the most Homophobic candidates in the nation who has fought equality legislation.
We believe history will show Trump’s campaign to be the most openly discriminatory and racist campaign in the history of U.S. Presidential campaigns.
In this political season Trump and his campaign have fostered division and discrimination not only in the LGBT community but with stated deportation of the immigrant community towards the Hispanic and Muslim communities.
Please share this invitation to your friends and colleagues.
Pride Trump Counter Rally
Tuesday Aug. 30, 2016
Xfinity Arena gathering across the street at Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria
1919 Hewitt Ave.
Sincerely, with Pride,
Charlette LeFevre, Philip Lipson
Directors, Capitol Hill Pride Festival March & Rally
If you don’t have time to schlep up to Everett on Tuesday, you can still visit the gorgeous/outrageous visage of  Emperor Trump still on display at the No Parking vintage shop on Capital Hill on Pike Street off of 11th Avenue.

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