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It’s Official: Dina Martina Xmas Show At ACT for 2018….Tickets On Sale NOW

Dina Martina is movin' on up for Xmas 2018. Photo: David Belisle

Dina Martina is movin’ on up for Xmas 2018.
Photo: David Belisle

We broke the story a few weeks back that Seattle’s beloved and very odd superstar drag raconteur and song stylist, DINA MARTINA was moving her insanely popular annual holiday show from its long time home at beloved queer cabaret venue Re-bar to the fahncy schmancy world of Equity theater, at ACT in the heart of downtown Seattle. (As well as the sad fact that the Dina Martina Holiday Show is, in effect, taking the place of ACT’s previous very beloved alternative holiday show, Ham for the Holidays from the comedy duo of Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt. Sadly, Peggy passed away this year and Ham for the Holidays has been retired.)

Dina and her quietly droll musical accompanist Chris Jeffries will be taking over the Falls Theatre from Thursday, December 6th through Christmas Eve Day, Monday, December 24th. Longtime fans of Dina will note that this is a much later start for the Martina Xmas Show; traditionally it has started on Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving). But, fans should also be aware that the Falls Theater has 3 times the occupancy of Re-bar so many more tickets will be available for purchase!

Another big change: Folks under 21 can attend the show at ACT!

ADDED: another major change you should be aware of…expect some “sticker shock”. At Re-bar Place, tickets were usually in the $25 range. At ACT, there will be a range of ticket price levels from $27 (a handful of seats) up to $47 for the “best” seats. Plan accordingly. 

Oh, and Seattle funnyman SCOTT SHOEMAKER is taking over the holiday show slot at Re-bar with his SCOTT SHOEMAKER’S WAR ON CHRISTMAS SHOW. You can grab tickets to THAT over HERE! 

Here’s the announcement made today from Miss Martina herself:


SEATTLE: As has been the case for about the last 20 years, tickets for The Dina Martina Christmas Show went on sale September 1st. This year, though, there’s something new(er), fresh(er) and exciting(er) about it:

The Dina Martina Christmas Show is now at ACT Theatre on 7th & Union! HOORAY!

First, I’d like to head you off at the pass and answer your very first question which no doubt will be, “GASP! WHAT’S HAPPENED TO RE-BAR’S PLACE?!?” I am very pleasured to tell you that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has happened to Re-bar’s Place. It’s still there, I’m just moving to a larger venue, and Mr. Jeffries and I are very excited about this move, though I show it a bit more than he does. Any other questions about Re-bar’s Place need to be directed to Re-bar’s Place – a magical venue, jam-packed with free radicals, that will always hold a very special place in my heart. Mr. Jeffries and I hope you’ll join us at ACT this holiday season, where we can sip Chunky Russians and curl up in front of the fire, in the fecal position.

Regard, Dina Martina

(photo by David Belisle)

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