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Lumber Yard Bar Fire Was Arson

On Friday, July 9th, investigators announced that the fire that destroyed 7 businesses in White Center’s commercial district including The Lumber Yard Bar was an act of arson.

The popular gay bar was destroyed in an early morning fire on July 5th. Earliest reports speculated that fireworks set off next to the club’s back door may have started the blaze but Friday’s report ruled that out.

The Lumber Yard’s owners posted this message via social media:

This morning we came across evidence that has lead to the fire at The Lumberyard being reclassified as arson. The Lumberyard is a all inclusive space for our community and it saddens us that it would be targeted for such an act. What these individuals did not only impacted the LGBTQI community it destroyed 7 other businesses that reflect the diversity of our neighborhood White Center. (Not so white and not so center). All of you have been amazing with the help to rebuild our Neighborhood. I am asking for anyone with any knowledge to contact the King County Sheriffs office @206-263-2070

Over the past week, GoFundMe fundraising projects have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for The Lumber Yard Bar AND the other businesses impacted by the July 5th arson. List below of links to show your support:

The Lumber Yard
Support for Employees of Affected White Center Businesses
The Boxing Gym Westside
Rat City Tattoo
John’s Hair and Nails
La Tipica Oaxaqueña
Dottie’s Double Wide
Nuggi Boba Cafe

Overwhelmed by the level of support, the Lumber Yard owners expressed their gratitude:

This has all been a crazy dream, that we keep trying to wake up from. It’s not though. The building that We and all of you turned into The Lumberyard is gone. This is true, but what truly makes the Lumberyard Is not gone. Our community is strong. All of you have made it your home as well as ours. The community has spoken loud and clear. Your love and support has been so amazing. We have been brought to tears so many times the last few days from your caring and generosity. This has not only inspired us but has fueled our determination. We will rebuild and we will stay in White Center area. We look forward to welcoming you to Lumber yard 2.0 as soon as we can make it happen. Love and appreciate you all.

Nathan, Michale and the Lumber Yard Crew

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