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Verotica Adds “Black Friday” Night Dance Party To Give….”Thanks”

Verotica has a last minute, post Turkey Day/Black Friday Eve dance party to announce…They know you’ll be so sick of family fellowship that you’ll need to flee the house to give your own kind of “Thanks”…with DJs Joe Gauthreaux and Dana Dub down at the First and Bell event space this Friday night, November 25th.

All the poo from Queen Verotica:

Surprise Queen!

Leave the drunk relatives behind. We know drunk Auntie is fun for the first couple of glasses. But by the third, she’s wasted and you’re just looking to get basted. THANKS, Auntie. 

Come out of that tryptophan haze and give THANKS for what really matters in life. Dancing with people who are way too close in your personal space with little clothes on. Oh, you thought the unsolicited advice from your family was too much?

One thing that we’re thankful for is the satisfying beats of Atlantas very own Joe Gauthreaux. He will be serving you that extra course all the way until 4 in the morning. So, come get stuffed with us, you’ll learn what too much is- come on you can beat your record… you’ll be telling us thanks by the end of the night.

Gobble, gobble Biotch.


– Tickets –
DOOR $30

Joe Gauthreaux
12 a.m. – 4 a.m.

Dana Dub
10 p.m. – 12 a.m.

Tickets at:

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