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Ms Pakman is baaaaaaaaaaack! (Lock Up Your Pills…Seriously…She Has A Problem….A BAAAAAAAAD Problem….Besides Her Criminal Sense of Fashion and Halitosis….Don’t EVEN GET Us Started On The Halitosis…That Nasty Funk Could Remove Paint From An Air Craft Carrier…But, We Digress…WHERE ARE WE???)

She's back in town...Ms Pak Man returns to Rebar place for an all new show.

She’s back in town…Ms Pak Man returns to Rebar place for an all new show.

America’s Yellowest and Most Bitter Sweetheart who’s not our current President, MS PAKMAN, is returning to Seattle’s Re-Bar Place for a two week stint of comedy and rehab starting TONIGHT, (if you’re reading this tonight…) Thursday, March 2, 2017 with an all new show featuring all new (hopefully) jokes about the drunken/pill sodden messy life of a fictional video game character. The hilarious actor/comedian Scott Shoemaker has resurrected his comedy creation for the third money grubbing time, just in time to hopefully lure in some drunken nerds visiting town for Emerald City ComiCon!!!

What can you expect? Bitter, drunken/pill sodden comedy interspersed with some very funny parody songs and all backed up by two back up dancers. At Rebar which you should totally support before developers get their hands on it…

Fun for everyone over the age of 21! But, tickets for some nights are almost gone so snag yours TODAY! (if you’re reading this today and not in a year or two…’cause the show would be over by then. Probably. Unless Scott brings it back again. Which he very well might. You know theater people…they love to kick that poor dead horse until it’s mush…I mean, look at Dina Martina. Basically the same schtick for 40 years and she’s insanely…well, insane but also very, very wealthy. Not quite RuPaul Wealthy but somewhere between “I won RuPaul’s Drag Race but spent most of my money on coke” wealthy and “RuPaul/Nancy Grace” level of drag wealthy. But, I digress.)

What you need to know:

“Ms. Pak-Man: On My Last Heart!” is the third installment of the wildly successful Ms. Pak-Man series. It’s a cabaret style theater experience returning to Re-bar March 2nd through the 4th and March 9th through the 11th. Watch this world-renowned video game superstar of the 1980s pop power pills while she shares scandalous songs and stories about her life and loves—glitches and all! This is an all-new show that is guaranteed to achieve a high score!

It’s a hilarious night of comedy, confessions, camp and quarters. She sings! She dances! She drinks! She might black out! There’s a chance she won’t remember the show, but you will!

Starring Scott Shoemaker (Ian Bell’s Brown Derby Series, Homo for the Holidays) as the loveable train-wreck Ms. Pak-Man. Also featuring Erin Stewart (Balagan’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch) and Amalia Larson (Jet City Improv). Conceived and directed by Freddy Molitch!

This show has a little something for everyone. Video game geeks, drag / camp fans, 80s aficionados, comedy lovers, and boozy theatre goers will all love this 8-bit diva’s antics!

Hold onto your joysticks, it’s going to be a bumpy night!

Ms. Pak-Man: On My Last Heart!

WHAT: Ms. Pak-Man: On My Last Heart! A cabaret style theatre experience!

WHEN: March 2nd, 3rd and 4th, and March 9th, 10th and 11th. Doors at 7:00 PM show at 8:00 PM.

WHERE: Re-Bar, 1114 Howell St., Seattle, WA 98101.

HOW: Tickets are on sale now at Here is the direct link: Here is the Facebook event: Ms. Pak-Man: On My Last Heart!

$20 General Admission Online

$75 VIP Tables (Seats 2, Limited Availability)

$25 General Admission at the Door

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