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Ohmigod! Are we going to lose Jackie Hell to LaLaLand? She’s a big hit at “Fuzzy”!

Jackie Hell and James St. James at Three of Clubs and Mario Diaz's monthly "Fuzzy" party.

Seattle could be in serious danger of losing local icon Jackie Hell to the bright lights, better grade of glamour of HollywoodLand…our beloved “Clexy” Superstar jetted down to L.A. to appear at former Seattlite/current King of Party Promoter’s Mario Diaz’s night of excess known as “Fuzzy” at Three of Clubs and our Girlfriend was a big hit performing her signature number “Clexy” (“I’m Classy…I’m Sexy…I’m Clexy!”)

Hall of Fame Party Animal and World of Wonder columnist/reporter James St. James has the poo in this video report for his web show, “The Daily Freak Show” and he gave Jackie his Seal of Approval following her number. Check out their conversation:

James St. James: Ohmigod baby! You are a strange breed of animal I’ve never come across!

Jackie Hell: Should I come down to Los Angeles?

JSJ: I think they’re ready for the Jackie Hell Experience!

JH: Oh, I love it! I’m coming down immediately!

JSJ: Honey, you are new; you are now; you are fresh; you are WOW!

JH: Oh, thank you so much!

Ruh ro! Jackie’s not used to so much praise…we’ve been taking her for granted! She could be packing up her bags as we speak and then what the hell will we do? Seattle without Jackie Hell would be unlivable!

Check out the full video from World of Wonder…wow, the gaylebrities and club kids of L.A. sure do kiss a lot!

So unhygenic.

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3 Responses to Ohmigod! Are we going to lose Jackie Hell to LaLaLand? She’s a big hit at “Fuzzy”!

  1. Colby b says:

    also love the cameos by Luke Nero “The Ass” from the infamous Mr. Black and another Seattle star Kook Tephlon!

  2. KOOK Teflon says:

    this was Jackie’s third show of the night! each show she tore it up!!
    Starting with the exhibit i cursted with Austin Young//jERbER Jones//Squeaky//Lee Kyle to name a few….then she was off at a midnight performance at AKBAR were hunks were throwing $20 at her while she sang :then to top it off with FUZZY……trust me HOLLYWOOD is on the Jackie Hell train…..i predict she’ll be off , off and away before winters end……catch her while you can NW

  3. KOOK Teflon says:

    oops CURATED…hahahaa…..