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What About Love?

This last weekend the Italian and I had the opportunity to travel up to the Orcas Islands for a friends wedding. We thought we left early enough to make the 4pm ferry so we would have time to do a little exploring before dinner with the wedding party.  Unfortunately we didn’t read the fine print about island preferences around the 4pm ferry.  Apparently they reserve half the boat for Shaw Island Residents.  We arrived at 2:00 pm thinking we had plenty of time to make it but they had already sold out of the 4:00.  We were put on standby and became part of the car lottery. If by some slim chance that not all the spots were taken by Shaw they would go through and select cars by numbers.  We were number 16. Unfortunately we didn’t make the ferry by 2 cars. So we were stuck in Anacortes until 7:30pm. So our trip getting there ended up being about as long as it would take to get to my Eastern Washington destinations. The weekend seemed to be dictated by arrivals for guests and making sure that we were lined up for the ferry in the morning just to leave. Other than the weird dependence on ferry arrivals, the wedding was a magical weekend. A fun experience full of new friends and new family we met. Everyone was so grateful and very complementary. The couple was very sweet and I was so happy that they were able to do this kind of special experience. For my cocktail performance I did a set outside facing the dock and the water and the surrounding island. As I was performing my set for the cocktail hour it truly was a rush to know that not only where guests hearing my set but also most of the ferry docks and surrounding neighborhood. What a fun feeling to be singing to an incoming boat of strangers! WOW! Well congratulations Ben and Josh and here is to many happy years ahead.


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October 1
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