“Match Game Belltown” becomes “Match Game Re-bar”.

BUMP and GRIND are both heading our way this...

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NEW QUEER ON THE BLOCK: Comedy, Live Music, Photography Installation, Dancing, Spirits, Oh My!

Look up your children, the queer comedian is out and ready to play!

The last time that I performed standup was five years ago when I hosted the annual QLaugh-off, a fundraiser for Eugene’s Q Center (LGBTQ Community and Resource Center), and the audience every year packed the house of Cosmic Pizza in downtown Eugene. Five years later and I’m here in Emerald City with a comedy routine to debut. “New Queer on the Block Comedy Show” at Re-Bar is first and foremost a theatrical presentation and secondly it’s my birthday celebration. What is to be expected and what the final outcome is out of my hands! It’s live show, my peeps!!! Am I tooting my own horn about this event that I’m producing and performing in? You betcha!

Joining me along this adventure is Dion Vox of Ramona the Band. Ramona the Band is described to be an underground pop ghetto tech band and I’m so very pleased to have one of my good friends in Seattle share with you her music talents. You can checkout her music here. Originally, I had planned to have two great DJs spin mixes after the show for a dance-off-your-face party, but have decided to team up with ElecktroPOP at Baltic Room, which is where the after-party will be happening.

Hosting the show is the infamous Mark “Mom” Finley with his comedic personality and drag-tastic flame. We are also raffling off two tickets to Gay City’s 2011 BUMP Halloween Party for the following night. Have I mentioned that I’ll be stage managing this year’s Halloween Party and it’s at the Showbox at the Market? Raffle tickets will be available at the front door for $1 each or 3 for $5. Also, when you come to the show, you will see the final product of my photo shoot with local professional photographer and artist, Kymberlee della Luce. Support her work by visiting her website.

Regardless, you should consider to include this event in your plans for this coming Thursday, and did you know that Thursdays are the new Fridays? How can you pass up comedy, music, dancing and drinking all in one package? Purchase your tickets online and receive three raffle tickets at the front door.

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