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Tired of the grey skies already? Head to the “Compound” at Palm Springs Pride.

For the last several years, Qulture Qreative has forged a tradition of bringing queer events to the Gay Pride mix in Palm Springs, CA. From the same people that brought you the “West Coast Love Train” 2009/2010 at The Ace Hotel comes “COMPOUND” (November 4,5,6). This year, Qulture Qreative is excited to be working with new partners; Cheeky’s, Birba and Alcazar, to celebrate Gay Pride in the desert. It’s quite amazing to be able to depart Seattle’s big grey helmet and head to the sun in early November. Sound like heaven? There’s still time to buy your tickets!

The plan? An all-star event that will be taking place on all three properties and will offer a diverse array of artists and performers. “Compound”, will provide an alternative choice for a more inclusive “Gay Pride”. Palm Springs has so many options for this infamous city wide event and Qulture Qreative aims to curate a “refuge” from all the madness. A place where all kinds of queer people that seek something different from the usual faire can come and relax, exchange ideas, eat, drink and yes, celebrate! Compound pride is about Collective individualism that includes L.G.B.T.Q. and ALL People who love freely!

The press release boasts appearances by Cazwell, Raja, Phyliss Navidad and Lady Bear among others. There’s also an all star cast of DJ’s from all over the West Coast including Seattle’s LA Kendall and Blue Eyed Soul, Portland’s Mr. Charming and Roy G Biv, and LA’s Victor Rodriguez and Susan In Accounting. An incredible line up, an amazing property, and what will surely be one unbelievable weekend!

For more information on this event or to book a room,!/event.php?eid=267477463274911

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