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Comeback Is Coming Back…For A Reunion


Comeback, the very popular funky, hipster than thou, disco dance extravaganza is ….well, it’s COMING BACK! At least for one night only…Comeback’s Mom and Dad team of Marcus Wilson and DJ Colby B are teaming up again for a reunion of the old gang on Saturday, April 30th at Chop Suey. They’ll be joined by Ozma Otacava on the decks and Seattle’s favorite new trashy hostess, Cucci Binaca…as a trashy hostess.

Comeback ended doing regular events…last year? (we forget…time blurs into a jumbled mass of colors and dimly remembered orgasms after you turn 40 or so…) Maybe this is testing the waters to bring back COMEBACK on a more regular basis? Maybe…if so, it behooves you to attend. Club nights don’t go regular unless lots and lots of people show up and buy booze!!!

The iconic Comeback posters designed by Marcus Wilson.

The iconic Comeback posters designed by Marcus Wilson.

Here’s all the poo from the FB invite:

We thought it was prime time to reunite and lay it on ya!

April 30th 9pm 21+ $5 B4 11pm

Mister Sister (Marcus Wilson)


Colby b (Coming back home from NYC)

and some of the most fun people in town:

Ozma Otacava

on the decks


Cucci Binaca

workin the room!

Comeback was a groundbreaking Capitol Hill club night, one of the first indie queer dance nights that ignored the tried and true gay bar formula of exclusively playing top 40 & populist circuit-party music and fed Seattle dance enthusiasts the sounds of electro, italo, queer hip hop, house and more.

To this day it remains one of the longest running and most successful dance parties in Seattle. Spanning over 9 years, so much amazing talent – both local and international poured themselves on to the Comeback stage

ErickaToure Aviance (NYC0
One Half Nelson (NYC)
ENsubtitles (NYC)
Tubway (NYC)
Nita Aviance (NYC)
Gant Johnson (NYC)
Colin Self (NYC)
Juanita More (Booty Call) (SF)
House of Stank (Christy Love and W Jeremy) (NYC)
Miss Guy (NYC)
Spank DJs (Will Automagic and Sean B)
Tronik Youth (UK)
DJ Radd (PDX)
Lady Bob (SEA)
Gueriilla GoGos (SEA)
Dickey Doo (VAN/BERLIN)
Larry Tee (NYC/BERLIN)
Cody Total Shit (Ssion)
DJ Blu (SEA)
Dee Jay Jack (SEA)
Josh Peace (LA)
Jackie Hell (SEA)
ArtStar (SEA)
Rude Dudes (PDX)
House of Charlatan (SEA)
Freddy King of Pants (SEA)
Richard Kennedy (NYC)
El Toro (SEA)
Bret Law (SEA)
LA Kendall (SEA)
Glitoris (Devil Eyes and Queen Mookie)
Glitterpants (SEA)
Jef Leppard (VAN)
Trans Fat & Ill Camino (PDX)
DJ Not So Good (SEA)
Jay Douglas (VAN)
Sparber (NYC)
K Kost (SEA)
Ade (SEA)
Ben DeLaCreme (Drag Race/SEA)
Jinx Monsoon (Drag Race/SEA)
Jodi Bon Jodi (SEA)
Jonny McGovern (Gay Pimp) (LA/NYC)
Candice Cayne (LA)
Stink Mitt (VAN)

Toooo many amazing people to list here

ps we didnt do it alone,
Frank Nieto
Shanon Carroll
MC Chompers
Dino (photobooth)
the hella awesome Chop Suey staff throughout the years
and the thousands of you (yes thousands) that got sweaty with us – WE FUCKING LOVE YOU.

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