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Ready To Get “Psycho”? Join Chicklet and Starcat At The Campiest Beach Party In Town!


We’re always excited when some local theater company decides to stage a Charles Busch play, even an old classic like his Psycho Beach Party, Mr. Busch’s delicious campy parody of those old Frankie & Annette beach movies from the 60s but with an added twist of some split personality/schizophrenia added to spice things up! Our pals over at the FantasticZ Theatre have booked “Psycho” as their late spring production and it opens this Thursday, May 26, 2016 at the Eclectic Theatre (the former Odd Duck) 1214 10th Ave (near Union) on Capitol Hill for a three week long run.

Directed by co-artistic director Kyle Baiz, Psycho Beach Party is about a kooky high school girl named Chicklet who desperately wants to join the boys in becoming a top surfer. Sadly, sexism rears its ugly head and she has a hard time getting accepted by the beach dudes…that’s when her other personalities begin to emerge and Chicklet demands her right to ride the boogie board.

If you love the silly campy spoofy bar drag theater you see at Re-bar, you should appreciate the oeuvre of Mr. Busch who got his start doing campy spoofy bar drag theater in NYC’s East Village “back in the day” with his first mega hit Vampire Lesbians of Sodom. He followed that up with many more hits including “Psycho…” as well as Red Scare on Sunset, The Lady in Question, and his Tony Award nominated The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife.


ALSO, “PBP” is just an excuse to cast lots and lots of attractive young male actors and put them in swim suits.


There’s also gender switched casting so…


We’re thrilled to help Fantastic Z present this production by media sponsoring this show. You can snag tickets for it HERE and here’s ALL the info you need to know!

$20 advance online
$22 at the door an hour before showtime

$15 online or at the door

$12 online or at the door

PWYC/Industry Night is Tuesday May 31st
(….and Saturdays are always PWYC at the door if seats are available)

Director: Kyle Baiz
Assistant Director: Emily Feliciano
Stage Manager: Elizabeth Stasio
Assistant Stage Manager: Stephani Hemness
Dramaturg: Claire Koleske

Lighting Designer: Keny Dutton
Costume: Designer: Brandy Barnes
Set Designer: Nick Gonzales
Sound Design/Composer: Justin Hansen
Choreographer: Nicole Beerman

Chicklet: Helen Roundhill
Star Cat: Charlie Chittenden
Berdine: Charlie Cook
Kanaka: Kurt Langmeyer
Marvel Ann: Jennifer Makenas
Mrs. Forrest: Anthony Pallozzi
Yo-Yo: Will Lippman
Provoloney: Trey McGee
Bettina Barnes: Michael Ryan Blackwood
Dee Dee: Jessica Severance
Nicky: Ryan Foster McAtee

(Note: we’re still waiting for someone to do Mr. Busch’s wacky parody of nun movies, “The Divine Sister”!!!!)

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  1. Rik Deskin says:

    Our venue is actually called “Eclectic Theater.” We have great respect for Theatre as an art, as we are practitioners, but we have very specific reasons why we named ourselves the way we did.