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Anna Rexia’s EXCLUSIVE Interview With Hardy Drew And The Nancy Boys


Campy fun for the whole 21+ family at Re-bar from Oct 7 to 15, 2016 with the tongue in cheek satire “Hardy Drew & The Nancy Boys”.

Hello, Sweeties! Opening this weekend is the new show called Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys. It tells the tale of a former princess who takes vengeance on her ex, Jason, by killing Jason’s new wife as well as her own children…no, wait, sorry, that’s something else. Anyway, I interviewed the three actors playing the titular roles (Monica Galarneau as Hardy Drew, Peter Farrar as Frank Nancy and Craig Trolli as Joe Nancy) and they insisted on staying in character.

Anna Rexia: Hello, Sweeties! Anna Rexia here! Tell me, Hardy Drew and Frank & Joe Nancy: Is there a butler in your show and did he do it?

Hardy: I won’t know if there are any butlers until I’m further along in my investigation!
Frank: The butler always does it, for me.
Joe:  No, but Shannon Kipp really serves the laughs on a silver platter!

Anna Rexia: OK, next question: there’s a candle stick, a rope and a top hat…so how exactly did all of this blood get all over me?!?

Hardy: Oh Anna, it must have been from another one of those pillow fights gone wrong at Camp Alingus.
Frank: You’re the real murderer. Duh.
Joe: John McKenna has some character voices that will curdle that blood for you!

Anna Rexia: Hardy, do you find you have to do twice the amount of snooping to make half as much money as the Nancy Boys? Nancy Boys, just tell me your favorite color or something.

Hardy: I’m glad you understand the plight of the working woman, but to be honest, I get twice as much done as them with half the work, because, well, you’ve met them.
Frank: My favorite color is the color of male tears.
Joe: There is a lot of gender swapping in the cast, including Deniece Bleha as a drowning man we save!


Photo by Ron Sandahl. Pictured: Monica Galarneau, Peter Farrar and Craig Trolli.

Anna Rexia: Does this play take place in the library, the billiards room or in a flowery attic?

Hardy: It takes place in a variety of pastoral settings.
Frank: It takes place in the state of denial.
Joe: It takes place at Re-Bar.

Anna Rexia: What has been your favorite case to solve so far during rehearsals?

Hardy: My favorite case to solve was figuring out what my actual lines were!
Frank: Who fizzled the spritzer!
Joe: How in the world is Todd Hull killing it like he is as both a drunk old lady and a little girl? It’s a mystery!

(Editor’s Note: it’s because Todd Hull is an enigma wrapped in an onion and folded up into some of origami thing.)

Anna Rexia: And let’s end with a game of “Fuck, Marry, Kill” using Angelica from Murder, She Wrote, Dick Van Dyke from Diagnosis: Murder and Andy Griffith from Diagnosis:Matlock!

Hardy: Kill Angela, because wherever she is death follows, Marry Matlock because he’s old, so fuck it, and fuck Dick Van Dyke.
Frank: Kill them all!!!
Joe: Did I mention all my co-stars yet?

Crabgrass Productions is proud to present HARDY DREW & THE NANCY BOYS running at Re-bar October 7 thru 15.

HARDY DREW is a plucky, young detective known for her knack at solving mysteries. And she just might solve this one too – if only there weren’t so many fascinating women between her and the solution! THE NANCY BOYS are brothers who do detective work for their famous dad, Fenton Nancy (whose wigs and dresses are some of his flamboyant disguises, right?) Now dad has vanished, they don’t know where he’s gone, and the suspect’s pants are so distractingly tight! Based on the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books which generations of teens grew up with, we give them a campy twist and hilarity ensues!

Do not miss it – two weekends only!! 21 and over only.

WHAT: Hardy Drew & The Nancy Boys

WHEN: October 7, 8, 13, 14, 15 at 8pm / Sunday, October 9 at 2pm

WHERE: Re-bar, 1114 Howell St., Seattle

TICKETS: $15 at the door or at

Written/Directed – Ron Sandahl
Stage Manager – Gary Zinter
Cast – Deneice Bleha, Peter Farrar, Todd Hull, Shannon Kipp, John McKenna, Craig Trolli, Monica Galarneau

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