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May 26, 2016 Comments Off on Yes…It’s Time for Miss Bacon Strip! Views: 3907 *Dragolicious, Drag, Seattle Drag

Yes…It’s Time for Miss Bacon Strip!

The current Miss Bacon Strip, Cucci Binaca will step down this Saturday as Sylvia O'Stayformore crowns a new queen.

The current Miss Bacon Strip, Cucci Binaca will step down this Saturday as Sylvia O’Stayformore crowns a new queen.

I can smell it in the air.

Desperate drag queens prepping for a pageant!

This time, it’s ALTERNATIVE drag queens and not those boring fishy ones with their Mariah power ballad lip syncs and endlessly long 5 hour shows featuring “anniversary” performances by REAAAAAAAAAALY old queens from the Land Before Time aka the 1980s.


But, I digress. THIS Saturday is the 19th annual Miss Bacon Strip Pageant, the somewhat beloved annual “anti” pageant created by the brilliant “Hostess with the Most Tupperware” Ms Sylvia O’Stayformore as part of her long running (48 years and counting!) “Big Gay Variety Show” which started in the trenches of the Cold War before moving to Re-bar, then Chop Suey for about 30 seconds, then That Grill Place On Broadway for about 45 seconds before it was run into the ground, then finally to its current home at Theater Off Jackson in the sordid heart of Seattle’s International District.

Sylvia and co-hostess Honey Bucket will return with DJ Tony Burns to preside over this year’s debacle show and the 7 desperate contestants vying for the bouquet of bacon roses, $100 and the unlimited fame this title provides. Past winners have gone on to win reality tv shows, place on the NY Times Bestseller list and host drag shows in Bremerton.

This year’s fillies (some of them are REAAAAAALY old fillies):

Kara Sutra
Aunt Betty Malone
Monikkie Shame
Queen Dan’l
Strawberry Shartcake
Mona Real
Vanity White

We don’t know who many of these folks are…is one of them going to do an offensive number? Last year, someone got CONTROVERSIAL and did an Islamic themed number that had one area queen foaming at her burqa!!!

Celebrity judges this year are Latrina Bidet, Jackie Hell, Cucci Binaca, Daniel Hellman and Kim and Chavi from Team Diva Real Estate!

I wasn’t asked to judge this year. I must be on the Shit List.


(Hangs head in shame. Cue sad Charlie Brown music….)

Theatre Off Jackson
409 7th Avenue S (off of Jackson)

May 28

9:00 pm door // 9:30 pm show

21+ w/ID

$15.00 presale $20.00 show

Tickets at Brown Paper Tickets

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