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TWIST Kicks Off In A Few Hours…Some Scary/Sexy Picks For The Fest

by Thursday at 3:06 pm


TWIST: Seattle Queer Festival kicks off TONIGHT, Thursday, October 12th with the Gala Opening of THE UNTOLD TALES OF ARMISTEAD MAUPIN at SIFF at The Uptown…a tiny handful of tix remain as of this posting, so hurry to snatch them!

The 10 day festival kicks off into high gear on Friday, October 13th with screenings at SIFF at the Egyptian and Northwest Film Forum on Capitol Hill. Check out ALL the films in the festival HERE but you can also narrow down your search by specific genre as well.

For example, here are the Thriller/Horror options at TWIST:

It’s Friday the 13th: do you know where your queer ghosts are? This docuseries follows a team of queer ghost hunters contacting LGBTQ spooks across the country…

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“queer/bar” To Be Opening This Weekend With New Show MX And A Vegetarian Menu!

by Thursday at 5:01 pm


The bar/club taking over the old Purr space at 1518 11th Avenue (between Pike & Pine) on Capitol Hill will be opening this weekend.

Queer Bar (or, “Queer/Bar” or “queer/bar”….it seems to have multiple styles in use) is the name of the new venue being opened by Joey Burgess who already co-owns the mostly straight nightclub Grim’s which is just two doors down from the Queer/Bar space on 11th Avenue. Burgess is also a partner in the Guild Seattle Group that owns Big Mario’s Pizza and the Lost Lake Diner with partners Jason Lajeunesse and Dave Meinert. Between the three men, either individually or within Guild Seattle, they now control a significant slice of Capitol Hill/Pike & Pine nightlife including the Neumos music venue and the popular Capitol Hill Block Party held every summer. Burgess appears to be the sole/principal owner of Queer/Bar which assumed control over the space after a messy transition in lease holders over the summer with Purr owner Barbie Roberts unhappy that she was apparently priced out of the location her bar called home for 9 years in favor of this new project from Burgess.

Roberts has moved on from the change in venue and just re-opened last night at her new location in the Montlake neighborhood with a capacity crowd welcoming her return. Meanwhile Burgess has released some info through some social media channels that Queer/Bar is opening this Friday, October 6th with an invitation only “Friends & Family”  event followed by a public opening on Saturday, October 7th. Actually, most of the info I’m seeing is via employees/performers at the new club posting on their own private social media accounts. Queer/Bar just created a Facebook page within the last 10 days and while they’ve had an Instagram page for awhile, it didn’t feature much info until this week when a series of photos of staff, entertainers, and merch was posted. Their website is also live with info on the club’s big weekly Friday/Saturday drag show MX. which is being hosted by popular Seattle diva and RuPaul Drag Race contestant Robbie Turner.

Workers hustle to complete renovations for the grand opening of Seattle's new LGBTQ venue: Queer/Bar opening Oct 7, 2017. Photo: Strangeways

Workers hustle to complete renovations for the grand opening of Seattle’s new LGBTQ venue: Queer/Bar opening Oct 7, 2017. Photo: Strangeways

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Reminder! Purr Re-Opens At New Montlake Location TONIGHT

by Wednesday at 3:29 pm


After weeks of remodeling and worry, Purr owner Barbie Roberts can breathe a sigh of relief as she and her team head into the final stretch leading up to the grand re-opening of the cocktail lounge at its new home in Seattle’s Montlake neighborhood. Roberts was forced out of her 9 year long residency at Purr’s original location on 11th Avenue on Capitol Hill after a drastic rent hike earlier this year. Months of searching led her to 2307 24th Avenue East at the base of Capitol Hill in the cozy residential neighborhood right across the canal from the University of Washington via the Montlake Bridge.

The doors will reopen this evening at 6pm, Wednesday October 4th with regular hours starting tomorrow when the bar will be open from Noon until 2am Mondays through Fridays, and 9am to 2am on Sat/Sun where the popular Purr Brunch will return.

New things to look for, starting on Thursday Oct 5th:

Our hours will be Mon – Fri noon to 2am, and Saturday and Sundays 9am-2am. We will be serving up a new full menu daily until 10pm, and Brunch on the Weekends until 2pm, then regular menu until 10.

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Something Different AND Great: “Deafies in Drag Show” At Broadway Performance Hall

by Tuesday at 1:46 pm

YouTube stars SELENA MINOGUE and CASAVINA are DEAFIES IN DRAG and coming to Capitol Hill's Broadway Performance Hall this Oct 7th! Image from their video "The Tea"

YouTube stars SELENA MINOGUE and CASAVINA are DEAFIES IN DRAG and coming to Capitol Hill’s Broadway Performance Hall this Oct 7th! Image from their video “The Tea”

Here’s a terrific different kind of show reaching out to a vastly under served audience: the Deaf community.

OR, more hyper specifically, the deaf community who enjoy drag queen performance art (ie, probably gay  but not necessarily).

The DEAFIES IN DRAG SHOW is happening this Saturday, October 7th at Seattle Central College’s Broadway Performance Hall at 1625 Broadway, corner of Pine, with MULTIPLE seating options depending on whether or not you understand ASL (American Sign Language). The first show will be entirely in sign language and it starts at 5pm. The second show will start at 8pm and be voice interpreted for hearing audiences.  A VIP reception follows at 10pm.

Deafies in Drag are a gay, deaf, comedy drag duo consisting of CASAVINA and SELENA MINOGUE. Casavina is named after Amy Winehouse (Casa is Spanish for house; vina/vino is Spanish for wine) and Selena Minogue is named for Mexican pop star Selena and Australian pop star Kylie Minogue. The pair, actually Jimmy and Alvaro, met in 2010 while attending Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. They became friends and started dating and a mutual love of RuPaul’s Drag Race and a desire to perform themselves led to the creation of Casavina and Selena. The pair became popular on YouTube and social media with their drag videos featuring tutorials on drag and comedy sketches, many dealing with some of the problems deaf people face when dealing with the hearing world including bad ASL interpreters and encounters with clueless waiters and retail clerks.  The videos and now their live stage shows are their way of incorporating queer humor into deaf culture.

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Ice, Ice, Baby….The 10th “Taste Of Iceland Festival” Is Happening Oct 12-15

by Tuesday at 12:41 pm


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS! EVERYONE seems to love Iceland nowadays. Great airfare deals have led to a huge upswing in visits to the magic wonderland known as Iceland. Every other day, one friend or the other is posting dreamy photos from their vacay in the Land of Volcanoes, Steamy Spas and the Divine Björk Guðmundsdóttir…aka Björk.

Seattle hosts a weekend of Icelandic goodness every year so you don’t necessarily have to pack up your bags and move to Reykjavik….REYKJAVIK CAN COME TO YOU!!!

Via yummy food and booze and fantastic music, film, art and culture.

Here’s all the 911 about our favorite Scandinavian nation’s big Seattle festival with event happening all over Seattle, Bellevue and Ballard.

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LGBTQ Puerto Rico Needs Our Help

by Saturday at 12:43 pm

Denise Spivak is the Senior Director Programs & Outreach for CenterLink, the national association of LGBTQ+ community centers.  CenterLink is working directly with Cecilia La Luz to raise funds specifically for the needs of the LGBTQ communities in San Juan and throughout Puerto Rico.  You can contact Denise by email at or by phone 954-765-6024

Puerto Rico needs your support today.  Many people in the United States are asking me how they can support my fellow Puerto Ricans on the island (also fellow US citizens) which was devastated by hurricane Maria last week.  I am including here several ways you can support.  I don’t like asking for donations, but there is no other way right now.  Puerto Rico needs your support.  I ask for your support.  But first,

Call your Congress representatives to release the aid to communities in Puerto Rico NOW and to support the recovery!!!

Sign this petition to tell your Congress representatives to release the aid to communities in Puerto Rico NOW and to support the recovery!!!

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Lady Parts Justice League’s Clever New Video: “The Abortion Pill: Facts You Can Swallow”

by Friday at 10:44 am


Since there have been reports that anti-choice activists have been seen at various locations around Seattle this week demostrating against a woman’s rights to choose birth control options, we think it’s perfect timing to post this article about LADY PARTS JUSTICE LEAGUE’S new video “The Abortion Pill: Facts You Can Swallow” .

(Also be aware that the anti-choice activists have been co-opting rainbow symbols and branding in an effort to appear pro-gay and thus more liberal. Don’t buy into it…it’s the religious right’s bullshit trying to disguise itself and just part of their never ending quest to control women’s reproductive rights.)

About the new video:


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Another Way To Help Puerto Rico

by Thursday at 2:16 pm


Here’s another way to help LGBTQ people in Puerto Rico that has been devastated by multiple hurricanes this month.

Via CenterLink:


We have been in contact with our member center there, Centro Comunitario LGBTT de Puerto Rico, regarding what assistance is needed and how it can best be provided.

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Purr At Montlake Announces October 4th For Grand Re-Opening

by Wednesday at 12:35 pm

Purr announced they'll reopen at new Montlake location on October 4th.

Purr announced they’ll reopen at new Montlake location on October 4th.

Purr, the beloved cocktail lounge formerly located on 11th Avenue on Capitol Hill, has announced their grand re-opening at their new location in Seattle’s Montlake neighborhood. Owner Barbie Roberts announced last night that the new space would debut next Wednesday, October 4th.

The time as come!! Mark your calendars for next Wednesday night, October 4th @ 6pm!
Join us as we celebrate our opening in our new digs! We’ve missed your faces and are very excited to share our new space with you.

New things to look for, starting on Thursday Oct 5th:

Our hours will be Mon – Fri noon to 2am, and Saturday and Sundays 9am-2am. We will be serving up a new full menu daily until 10pm, and Brunch on the Weekends until 2pm, then regular menu until 10.

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Capitol Hill Housing Announce Plans For LGBTQ Senior Housing

by Thursday at 3:53 pm

The proposed site for Capitol Hill Housing's LGBTQ elder housing project at 14th & Union. Photo: CHH

The proposed site for Capitol Hill Housing’s LGBTQ elder housing project at 14th & Union. Photo: CHH

As a rapidly aging lower income Elder Queer, housing for LGBTQ seniors is certainly one of my top causes I hold near and dear to my heart. Even before the grey ear hair began appearing I was aware that the situation for an aging LGBTQ population, especially lower income queer people, can be dire. Will gay people be comfortable and welcome in mainstream senior housing? As the Baby Boomers were the first generation to come out of the closet in massive numbers, millions of gay men and women in their 70s and 60s are starting to deal with the realities of affordable senior housing for proudly out community members. No one wants to have to retreat into a closet in their twilight years, if they have to live in a hostile housing environment.

The last incarnation of the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Center had senior LGBTQ housing as one of their top mandates but the failure and collapse of the Center in 2006 seemed to have killed that dream for Seattle’s gay seniors. Fortunately, the cause lived on in the hearts of many activists both in the gay community and those working for affordable housing for all. The amazing folks at Capitol Hill Housing, who have been in the business of housing lower income Seattlites for over 40 years, have kept the dream alive and just made it a reality by announcing they will build “Seattle’s first LGBTQ-Affirming Affordable Senior Housing”  at 14th and Union on Capitol Hill at a lot adjacent to their Helen V Apartment complex. The proposed building would have between 44 and 66 units.

This project is in its early stages and CHH is still needing community feedback. They will host a “community engagement” at Gay City’s Calamus Auditorium next Thursday, September 21st from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. The event will present more information and create a conversation about the project.

Personally, we hope they have some sort of arts space in the new building. CHH is also behind the very successful 12th Avenue Arts building on Capitol Hill which is geared towards housing for artists and also includes the much loved 12th Avenue Arts theater spaces. Capitol Hill could use MORE artist space and specifically performance space as many arts groups are being gentrified out of the neighborhood.

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BREAKING: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Resigns After New Abuse Allegation Revealed

by Tuesday at 1:16 pm


Updated: Hours after the Seattle Times revealed that there was a fifth allegation that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was guilty of sexual abuse of a minor, the mayor’s office issued a statement that Murray would resign from the office of Seattle Mayor at 5pm on Wednesday, September 13, 2017:

SEATTLE (September 12, 2017) – Today, Mayor Murray released the following statement:

“I am announcing my resignation as mayor, effective at 5 p.m. tomorrow.

“While the allegations against me are not true, it is important that my personal issues do not affect the ability of our City government to conduct the public’s business.

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Gucci Camps It Up With Brilliant Sci Fi Ad

by Thursday at 4:57 pm

Image: Gucci

Image: Gucci

Bless their genre loving little hearts….the kids over at Gucci, the ultra premium design house which most of us cannot afford but love to drool over (or, make fun of, if you’re an idiot hayseed with no taste or appreciation for high art…) have made this clever and charming little film featuring pieces from Gucci’s F/W 17 collection in an homage to sci-fi television and film from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

I can’t post the video; go HERE to see it!

One comment made on a Facebook thread about this film, I have to steal…some clever puss called it haute couture cosplay”!


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BIG Labor Day Weekend: Werq W/Chi Chi DeVayne // Bacon Strip Sci Fi // Pink Party Prime // Timberline Tea Dance

by Thursday at 5:44 pm

Have you planned your 2017 GayLabor Day Weekend? As usual, there are a TON of events going on, both of the LGBTQ nature as well as regularly scheduled Muggle events like the annual BUMBERSHOOT expensive music/arts festival nonsense at Seattle Center or the nerdalicious PAX, otherwise known as Comicon: The Labor Day Version, at the Convention Center.

(Note: one traditional Labor Day festival of the non-Muggle kind, XL WEEKEND, is taking the year off this year. For those unaware, that’s the Labor Day Weekend party for big, sexy, husky gay fellahs who like other big, sexy, husky, gay fellahs. Why they are taking a break, I do not know…)

You should check all the options over at the SGS Calendar but here are four “special” events you need to be aware of…starting off with Saturday’s Bacon Strip which is a monthly recurring ‘big gay variety show’ hosted by Sylvia O’Stayformore and her Gang O’Misfits so it’s not technically a “special event” but it’s notable this time because:

More info and advance tickets are HERE!!

Also on Saturday, September 2nd: the return of PINK PARTY PRIME, the bi-annual gay geeky fun party produced by Jetspace that usually occurs in spring for Emerald City Comicon and again at Labor Day for PAX. Here’s the 911 for this year’s party:

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Hillary Fans Grab Your Smelling Salts; Madame Secretary Hits Seattle on Dec 11th

by Monday at 1:46 pm

We're sure to hang out when Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton bops into Seattle on Dec 11, 2017 on her book tour for WHAT HAPPENED

We’re sure to hang out when Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton bops into Seattle on Dec 11, 2017 on her book tour for WHAT HAPPENED


I know a buttload of Clintonistas: Hillary Branch who will need to change their under drawers after this announcement because former Secretary of State/First Lady/2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON will be in da Seattle house (and Portland, Oregon, too) this coming December to promote her new memoir, WHAT HAPPENED (Simon & Schuster; Hardcover; September 12, 2017; $30). Tickets go on sale on September 18th for her 8 city book tour that includes a stop at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre on December 11th and Portland’s Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall on Tuesday, December 12th.

Should be juicy. They’ve already leaked excerpts where Mrs. Clinton calls Trump a “creep”.


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Best Tacos in Seattle?

by Friday at 10:44 am

Delicious tacos at Señor Moose Cafe in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood

Delicious tacos at Señor Moose Cafe in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood

Hmmmmm…..I dunno. Chona Kasinger over at Thrillist insists these are the best tacos in Seattle (she slipped in a White Center location as well). Here’s the list and you can read her full reviews over at Thrillist:

THREE in Ballard?!? Really?? Blandinavian ole Ballard?

I keed, I keed…and, I j’adore Señor Moose Cafe; it’s one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle…which is why it’s always so damn busy and they always run out of my beloved Higaditos de Pollo. Aka: Livers of the Chicken


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Cinerama’s 70mm Festival Is Happening….NOW!

by Thursday at 8:40 am

Alfred Hitchcock's beautiful but problematic ode to obsession, 1958's VERTIGO is one of the films featured in Seattle Cinerama's 70mm Film Festival happening now through Sept 6, 2017

Alfred Hitchcock’s beautiful but problematic ode to obsession, 1958’s VERTIGO is one of the films featured in Seattle Cinerama’s 70mm Film Festival happening now through Sept 6, 2017

Big, Big, BIG MOVIES!!!

On a Big, Big, BIG SCREEN!!!

Yes, it’s that time of year…for Seattle Cinerama’s big annual 70mm Film Festival where you can see big prints on a big screen of your favorite movies…it’s happening now (August 24th) through September 6th.

Not only do they have beloved older films like David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, but they’ve programmed in more recent films like this year’s Wonder Woman and last year’s Interstellar as well. There’s also popular favorites from the 80s and 90s like The Dark Crystal, Aliens and Ghostbusters.

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SAM Extends Hours For Final Week Of Hugely Popular Kusama Show

by Tuesday at 6:00 pm

Infinity Mirrored Room–Love Forever, 1966/94.

Infinity Mirrored Room–Love Forever, 1966/94.

The huge success of Seattle Art Museum’s summer exhibition, Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors and its impending final day (Sunday, September 10th) has led to the museum announcing they will extend hours at SAM for the final week of September 3rd through the 10th. The Japanese artist’s “Infinity Mirror Rooms” have been a major draw for the show; the five installations in the exhibit only hold 1 or 2 people at a time for 30 second increments which can create bottlenecks at times.

But, for fans of the iconic artist who is best known for her repetitive patterns (frequently dots and circles) and bold color choices in addition to her “Infinity Rooms”, it’s worth the wait times. The 88 year old artist is acclaimed for being one of the most influential feminist artists of the last 60 years and her work still resonates with modern audiences of all ages. A particular favorite for every one who sees this show: the “Obliteration Room” which starts out as a simple, functional IKEA designed all white living space which is “obliterated” over the course of the exhibition with the addition of thousands and thousands of colorful dot stickers applied by exhibit goers.

I went on the Press Launch on June 28th prior to the public opening on June 30th…the Obliteration Room looked like THIS at that time:

Kusama's Obliteration Room at Seattle Art Museum on June 28, 2017. Photo: Michael Strangeways for Seattle Gay Scene

Kusama’s Obliteration Room at Seattle Art Museum on June 28, 2017. Photo: Michael Strangeways for Seattle Gay Scene

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Eclipse My Heart….

by Monday at 6:44 pm

Did you enjoy the brouhaha over the August 21, 2017 eclipse that swooped over the Pacific Northwest with a Totality Zone down in Oregon? We know lots of people had a dandy time and we’re enjoying all the photos on social media. Some are…


Photo taken by NASA photographer Joel Kowsky

Photo taken by NASA photographer Joel Kowsky

And, some were fake, including this gorgy but phony composite.


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Memo To L’etranger: Robbie Turner Hasn’t Been A Regular At RPlace For Well Over A Year…

by Friday at 12:36 pm


What’s up with The Stranger lately?

They’re kinda stupid.

OK, so first we had Chris Frizzelle breathlessly report on the “scoop” that Cucci Bianca and her filthy fabulous monthly show at Krewwerk (which has been around for….2 years?) is really neat (duh) and Cucci naughtily revealed this juicy gossip last week at the show:

“The real T is that Robbie Turner is leaving R Place. And R Place doesn’t know that yet.”

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Nordo’s New Show Is A Tad Dystopic…Prepare For Onērus™

by Thursday at 2:39 pm

How….timely. The talented folks at Café Nordo, that fascinating theater company that has managed to combine theater with fantastic food and booze pairings for the last decade or so without devolving into your Grandma’s suburban dinner theater presenting Miss Ruth Buzzi in “Evita” (which I would TOTALLY go see, btw…) is back with a fascinating and quite provocative new show that speaks to our concerns about the current political/social climate in the world.

Those concerns that we’re three steps away from having our face stuck in a rat cage or seeing our female friends filing down the street in red robes en route to the latest “cleansing”.

Café Nordo’s fall production is titled Onērus™ and it takes place in the not so distant future…2046 where “citizens are connected to the Cloud 24/7 through a Sync-Disc implant” …with the unfortunate side-effect that they can no longer dream.

Here’s some more info about the new piece with a link to buy tickets. Judging by the timely plot and Nordo’s reputation for delicious food/drink, it could be the hot ticket for Autumn 2017.


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Call For Removal Of Lake View’s Confederate Memorial Leads To Focus On Privately Owned Cemetery

by Wednesday at 4:31 pm

Confederate Memorial in Seattle's Lake View Cemetery. Photo via

Confederate Memorial in Seattle’s Lake View Cemetery. Photo via

After this weekend’s “Alt Right” aka “Racist Nazi White Power Bigots” rally in Charlottesville Virginia which led to confrontations with anti-Nazi protesters and the death of one woman, there have been increased calls for the removal of statues and memorials that honor Confederate leaders and veterans who fought for the losing side in the United States Civil War from 1861-1865. Advocates for their removal claim that the memorials honor and commemorate white supremacy, pro-slavery, anti-black, and racist positions of white privilege and it’s wrong to honor any individual/group that fought for such beliefs. The removal of Confederate memorials and iconography like the “Stars and Bars” Confederate flag have caused demonstrations and rallies throughout much of the South but little has been said about such memorials in non-Southern cities.

Until now.

“Ian S.” has created a petition asking Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and the Seattle City Council to remove a Confederate Veteran’s memorial in Lake View Cemetery, the main Seattle cemetery that abuts Capitol Hill’s Volunteer Park and the final resting place for many of Seattle’s earliest citizens of the 19th and 20th century.

I am calling on Mayor Ed Murray and our Seattle City Council for the removal of the United Confederate Veterans Memorial in Volunteer Park’s Lake View Cemetery (Seattle).

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Dan Savage and Dominic Holden Both Make The Advocate’s List of 50 Most Influential LGBTs in Media

by Wednesday at 3:36 pm

Seattle native/former Stranger writer/current BuzzFeed reporter DOMINIC HOLDEN made The Advocate's list of 50 influential LGBTs in media

Seattle native/former Stranger writer/current BuzzFeed reporter DOMINIC HOLDEN made The Advocate’s list of 50 influential LGBTs in media

Two Seattle LGBT media types made The Advocate’s list of  “50 Most Influential LGBTs in Media”. The Advocate polled other LGBTQ journalists and asked them who they thought were the most influential out gay journalists, reporters and pundits who work for mainstream outlets…in other words, queer writers working for queer outlets were not included for whatever reason. (Though their definition of ‘mainstream’ seems to be vague; Perez Hilton made this list for his own website as did Jared Yew for his site “Just Jared” both of which are…pretty damn gay).

Dan Savage from Seattle’s weekly for now/soon to be bi-weekly alternative paper/website The Stranger snagged the 12th spot on the list ; (not surprisingly…we’re surprised he’s not higher) and a former writer at that same outlet and Seattle native Dominic Holden who now writes/reports for the web outlet BuzzFeed surprisingly grabbed the 17th position ahead of FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver (18), the NY Times’ columnist Frank Bruni (19), conservative pundit Andrew Sullivan (22), MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts (41) and hunky/adorable ABC News reporter Gio Benitez (50).

Holden was a writer/reporter at The Stranger for many years who earned street cred for reporting on a variety of topics including pot legalization, LGBTQ rights, police brutality and the usual Seattle specific hot issues like bike lanes, density and Capitol Hill Block Party line-ups. He left the weekly alt rag just as it entered its weird interim period between its “heyday” and its current state of transforming itself into something vaguely resembling a bi-weekly Penny Saver written by 24 year olds.

Subsequently, Dom snagged his great gig with BuzzFeed and now works out of NYC and DC.

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SGS Recommends: “Beetlejuice” // Trailer Park Drag // Mama Tits Sings The Blue // Outwest Turns 6

by Friday at 1:57 pm


So much to do this weekend…Seattle Gay Scene recommends the following:



Yes, it’s FINALLY time for Three Dollar Bill Cinema’s annual summer in Cal Anderson Park outdoor movie series and the first film in this year’s three film line-up is Tim Burton’s delicious macabre comedy, BEETLEJUICE starring a still hunky Alec Baldwin and always adorable Geena Davis as a ghost couple trapped in their house who have to deal with the new owners and a pesky demon ghost named….Beetlejuice! Michael Keaton is the dirty eponymous “hero” and a then gothy teen Winona Ryder stars as the homeowner’s moody daughter. It’s fun for the entire family and it starts at dusk (8:30 ish) but get there early for a pre-show and to snag a good spot to see the film. Bring your own blankets/chairs/snacks (Three Dollar Bill will be selling some snacks, too!)

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by Thursday at 4:11 pm

 ©2017 Adé. Photo: Stephanie Jamieson.

©2017 Adé. Photo: Stephanie Jamieson.

TONIGHT (Thursday, August 10th)  is the monthly Capitol Hill Art Walk and since Pike Street is blocked off for a special community project, you can roam around checking out awesome art including this fantastic show at Vermillion, 1508 11th Avenue between Pike & Pine on the newsiest block on the Hill. It’s a fashion show featuring work by Anouk Rawkson, Jordan Christianson, Brenda Bryan, Grant Rehnberg, Julian Peña, Gabriel-Bello Diaz, Rio Abundez, Devon Yan, Carolyn Hitt, Robinick Fernandez, Amanda Franz.


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Chelsea Manning Goes Vogue

by Thursday at 3:29 pm

Chelsea Manning in Norma Kamali and photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

Chelsea Manning in Norma Kamali and photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

Hmmmm… be honest, not sure what to make of this story which oddly combines whistle blowing, transgender rights and fashion.

From  the September Issue of Vogue:

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