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Special “Feud” Screening Party At Purr On Thursday, February 23rd!

by Friday at 3:19 pm


We’re VERY excited about FEUD the delicious biopic about the filming of the camp classic film “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” and the legendary onset and off rivalry/feud between the film’s two iconic Golden Age of Hollywood stars Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. TV producer/director Ryan Murphy is bringing this rivalry to the small screen with FEUD which stars Jessica Lange as Crawford and Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis. It looks like a HOOT and it premieres on FX on Sunday, March 5th.

BUT, lucky Seattlites can check out a screening and party at Purr Cocktail Lounge next Thursday, February 23rd at 8pm. You just need to go grab yourself a pass to check it out!!!

Here’s the skinny:

Get excited to see one of the biggest feuds of all time! There will be an advance screening of Ryan Murphy and FX’s new show FEUD: Bette and Joan on Thursday, February 23rd at Purr Cocktail Lounge at 8pm. Go to to get a pass. There will also be drink specials and appetizers available.

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The “Green Neighborhood Revolution” Starts With A “No Gasoline Day”

by Thursday at 11:42 am

Seattle based non-profit wants to make our country Gasoline Free by 2040.

Seattle based non-profit wants to make our country Gasoline Free by 2040.

Green is good.

But, to get “green” or to live an eco friendly lifestyle, you have to make changes in your life…and, sometimes we need help with that.

A local non-profit, COLTURA, is stepping up to help you make those changes. Their mission is a Gasoline Free America by 2040 and to achieve that, we’ll have to learn how to use and rely on clean forms of transportation. Obviously, this is not going to be easy…especially since we currently have an illegitimate president in the White House and a corruptly corporate administration who refuse to acknowledge Climate Change is a global threat to all of us. In fact, the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress are moving to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency, the government agency designed to eliminate corporate policies that harm the environment. Now more than ever, we need to take steps to protect ourselves from the growing threat of carbon based pollution.

To achieve their goal, Coltura is hosting its first Green Neighborhood Revolution at Capitol Hill’s Miller Community Center, 330 19th Avenue East on Saturday, March 25, 2017 from 10 am to 2 pm. This is an all ages, free, family friendly event with activities available for kids and adults and a lot of valuable information on how you can create a shift to cleaner forms of transportation.

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Reviews: Two Plays That Don’t Quite Gel

by Saturday at 3:56 pm

We’re not starting off strongly with the 2017 Seattle area theatrical season.

I blame Donald Trump.

Two recent theater openings that didn’t quite hit the mark for me.

As always, it’s up to you to decide…

Rebecca Love and Tim Gouran in "Every Five Minutes" at Washington Ensemble Theatre. Photo: Chris Bennion

Rebecca Love and Tim Gouran in “Every Five Minutes” at Washington Ensemble Theatre. Photo: Chris Bennion

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We Lost Our Mary

by Wednesday at 4:03 pm


The world mourns the loss of the actress who “turned the world on with her smile”.

The iconic star, MARY TYLER MOORE died today at aged 80 from complications of diabetes.  The actress rose to fame in the early 1960s co-starring in “The Dick Van Dyke” as Dick’s wife Laura but it was her own 1970s show, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” that made her a TV legend as Mary Richards the plucky local TV news producer at a third rate Minneapolis TV station.

From The Huffington Post:

She later starred on the beloved 1970s sitcom “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” which is one of the first shows to feature a never-married, working woman as its central character. Moore played single, 30-year-old TV news producer Mary Richards.

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Questions About The Affordable Care Act? Gay City Can Help

by Tuesday at 5:19 pm


Soooooo. It’s quite obvious that President Shitler and Paul Ryan/Mitch McConnell’s Axis of Evil Congress want to kill “Obamacare” aka the Affordable Care Act which allows millions of uninsured Americans access to government mandated health insurance benefits. The Republicans like to imply they will replace ACA with something else but there are many indications that either that just won’t happen or their replacement plan would be inadequate and leave most people now covered with no viable health care coverage options they could afford.

Yes, it’s alarming.

But, you do need to be aware that even if the Axis of Evil kills the ACA, it’s STILL CURRENTLY FUNDED THROUGH 2017. The open enrollment period for the Washington Healthplanfinder (Exchange) is Nov. 1, 2016 to Jan. 31, 2017….which means you have a week to sign on for a new plan or make changes to an existing one.

(Also note that “a qualifying life event” or for those who could qualify for Medicaid coverage (known as Apple Health in WA State) can apply/make changes at any time of the year and not just in this current qualifying period ending next week.)

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Seattle Red Dress Party 2017 Moves To Capitol Hill’s Century Ballroom

by Monday at 3:36 pm

Seattle Red Dress Party 2017 moves to Capitol Hill's gorgeously romantic CENTURY BALLROOM/THE TIN TABLE space on the 2nd floor of The Oddfellows Building.

Seattle Red Dress Party 2017 moves to Capitol Hill’s gorgeously romantic CENTURY BALLROOM/THE TIN TABLE space on the 2nd floor of The Oddfellows Building.

It had been a long full ride but Seattle Red Dress Party organizers have pulled the plug on staging the huge gala AIDS/HIV support group fundraiser at Fremont Studios, the cavernous event space in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood on the north side of the Ship Canal. In an effort to resize the event which was dwarfed by the vastness of the Fremont venue in its last couple of outings, the March 31, 2017 edition of the event will move to the queerer confines of Seattle’s traditional gay neighborhood, Capitol Hill and be produced at the popular Oddfellows Hall building at the corner of 10th & Pine Street.

Seattle Red Dress 2017 will take over the entire second floor of the building which is home to several popular venues familiar to many of our readers who have attended events and performances in the large Century Ballroom space or in the smaller West Hall space which is the traditional home of the annual “Homo for the Holidays” show produced by BenDeLaCreme, Kitten LaRue and Lou Henry Hoover.

Red Dress will also utilize The Tin Table restaurant space across the hall from the Ballroom. All three spaces are queer owned; owner Hallie Kuperman is also the primary dance instructor at the Ballroom teaching a variety of ballroom dance styles.

While it’s a much smaller space, the intimacy and beautiful ambience of this classic space will amp up the glam factor for the popular Red Dress Party. Fremont Studios is a terrific space but ideally suited for huge events with over a thousand people in attendance. If you don’t get close to that number, it feels drafty and barn like which isn’t a great atmosphere for a party. The classic intimacy of the Oddfellows space will blend well with the party’s themes and intent.

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Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning Sentence

by Wednesday at 1:55 pm


As one of his final acts acts President Obama commuted the 35 year sentence for convicted former Army intelligence analyst CHELSEA MANNING who was convicted in 2010 for passing classified information to WikiLeaks, the international digital guerrilla organization famed for exposing government and industrial secrets and corruption.

Manning has made international news for much of the last decade not only for her conviction and imprisonment but also for her status as a transgender political prisoner. Manning was originally convicted under the birth name of Bradley and after conviction revealed she was transgender. During her time in prison, Manning has suffered from depression  and has made two suicide attempts while in prison and has had a long going battle with federal authorities over receiving proper treatment as a transgender prisoner.

President Obama also granted 208 other commutations and 64 pardons on Tuesday. To date, presidential commutations and pardons are irreversible per court rulings. The incoming Trump Administration is legally prohibited from reversing such orders.

Manning’s lawyer told NBC News:

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Caitlyn Jenner Reportedly To Attend Trump Crowning

by Friday at 3:41 pm


Numerous media outlets are reporting that it looks like transgender activist/reality show star and Olympic gold medal winning athlete CAITLYN JENNER has indicated she will be attending the January 20th inauguration of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States. Trump, the least popular presidential election winner in U.S. history is largely reviled by the majority of the LGBTQ community for his offensive stands on most issues including LGBTQ rights. Many gay Americans support a boycott of the Trump Administration with a call to “Resist. Protest. Obstruct. Inform.” Trump lost the popular vote in the November 2016 election but won a majority in the Electoral College, the United States’ obsolete method of electing its presidents.

While hundreds of entertainers and celebrities from around the world have refused to participate or support Trump by attending or performing at the inauguration, a handful have indicated support including, reportedly, Jenner the equally controversial transgender celebrity who has come under attack for some of her conservative leaning views including Jenner’s own attack on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who Jenner publicly referred to as “a fucking liar”.

From the Huffington Post:

Caitlyn Jenner has accepted an invitation to attend the Jan. 20 festivities, Us Weekly first reported Wednesday, citing a source. The news was widely reported elsewhere, and LGBTQ Nation said a source told them that Jenner was looking for someone to accompany her to the event.

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That “Wuvable Oaf” Comes To Seattle; Artist Ed Luce On His Body Positive Comix

by Wednesday at 8:32 pm

Wuvable Oaf by Ed Luce

Wuvable Oaf by Ed Luce

For queer fans of alternative comics, there’s a treat coming to Seattle this weekend…especially for non-mainstream LGBTQ folks who like: heavy metal music, and leather, and monster truck shows, and corn dogs, and beer, and big strapping beer bellies. Artist/writer ED LUCE has many of the same fascinations and his comic character “The Wuvable Oaf” has become hugely popular with not only the gay male “bear” community but many people who appreciate different facets of culture. “Oaf” is a burly bear but he’s also a cuddle loving burly bear who loves cats, wrestling, metal and queercore music, traits he shares with his creator, Ed Luce who recently spoke with Lambda Literary about his latest graphic novel Wuvable Oaf: Blood and Metal his second collaboration with the fine folks at Seattle based Fantagraphics Comics, about why he explored these topics:

Why focus on the subjects of wrestling and metal this time around, one might ask? The answer is simple: I’ve been passionate about both since adolescence. But I also can’t think of two things that have stronger homoerotic overtones…despite a strident history of homophobia present in each. So what better topics to explore?

In all seriousness, the overall vibe of the new book is a little more primal than the first Oaf collection. It’s not all kitty cuddling and romantic debacles. While I still enjoy those things, I don’t want every Oaf book to be the same. Humor and cuteness abound in Blood & Metal but there are more complex, perverse things going on too, especially in the wrestling vignettes (which first appeared on Vice’s website). I got to stretch my creative legs and drawing chops with the full color format. It’s a much more intense visual experience.

And, on the audience for “Oaf”:

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Time To End This Awful Year…What To Do New Year’s Eve

by Friday at 6:49 pm


Stay home. Look up how to immigrate to New Zealand.

(Canada is too cold and too close to Herr Drumpf’s minions of stupidity)

I keed, I keed.


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Honoring Carrie Fisher With A Light Saber Tribute

by Friday at 4:27 pm


This is sweet. Some local folks have created a spur of the moment tribute to legendary actress and writer CARRIE FISHER who passed away earlier this week after suffering a devastating heart attack on board a plane from London to Los Angeles. The actress, best known for her role as Princess/General Leia Organa in the “Star Wars” films and as a writer of novels, memoirs and film scripts was also the daughter of two other entertainment legends, singer Eddie Fisher who passed away in 2010 and actress/singer Debbie Reynolds who very sadly passed away the day after her daughter died.

To pay tribute to the star, who was only 60 when she died and had just completed work on the 8th Star Wars film, a memorial gathering is happening TONIGHT (Friday, December 30, 2016) at 7 pm at Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center. Fans of Ms Fisher are being encouraged to show up with toy light sabers (or glow sticks or flashlights if you don’t have a light saber handy…) to “light up the sky” to honor the actress/writer/advocate of mental health issues.

A bit more info via the Facebook invite:

Carrie Fisher was an Icon. A beloved figure both on and off screen. Let us say farewell by gathering together on Friday, December 30th as we celebrate the life of our favorite Princess. Join us at Seattle Center right by the Fisher Pavilion at 7pm. Bring as many lightsabers as you can carry. Don’t have a saber? Glow sticks and flashlights are just as good. Feel free to come in plain clothes or costumes. All are welcome here. At 7:30 we will have a moment of silence followed by our lightsaber tribute. We will light up the sky as we say farewell to Carrie. Afterwards, feel free to hang around and mingle with fellow fans, have lightsaber battles, or just enjoy the scenery. Carrie is now one with the Force, and May the Force be with us all.

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Don’t Forget The One Off Xmas Shows! Cucci / Ian & Bhama / Alan Thickemas / Inferno / Secret Santa / MORE!

by Friday at 2:14 pm

OK, so maybe you’ve already seen or at least booked your tickets to see the BIG annual holiday shows like Dina Martina and Homo for the Holidays and Ham for the Holidays and Homo Dina Ham For the Holidays but now you need to fill in those empty spots on your holiday show going calendar?

Well, there’s also a ton of smaller one off shows to go see as well and we encourage you to go check out a few…spread your wealth a little bit! Does Dina Martina really need your money to build another wing onto her solid gold luxury mega-mansion? Do you feel compelled to feed BenDeLaCreme’s addictions to buying vintage porn magazines and old Bratz Dolls?

(You should, actually…but you can go see those shows AND other shows, too! Sell an organ if you need to!!!!)

For instance, tonight (Friday, December 16) you can bop over to Bremerton to say farewell to beloved kooky alterna queen CUCCI BINACA who is giving her FINAL “Cucci’s Cake Batter” over at Papa’s Sports Bar. The lovely Cucci is jumping ship to Los Angeles which is lovely for her (hopefully) but sad for us and especially for Bremerton since her shows over there have been HELLA popular. She’ll be missed.

You should make reservations if you want to go tonight…it DOES sell out!!!

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More Holiday Shows We Love: Those “Ham” Ladies Lisa Koch & Peggy Platt Return For “Jurassic Pork”

by Monday at 3:42 pm

Photo credit: (l. to r.) Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt as Heartwood Mac. Photo by Sage Alixander.

Photo credit: (l. to r.) Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt as Heartwood Mac. Photo by Sage Alixander.

We’re so blessed in Seattle…so many holiday traditions to choose from!!!

Yes, everyone and their drunk drag queen cousin now has a holiday themed show to celebrate the birth of our Lord & Savior/Winter Solstice which is just code for “LET’S MAKE LOTS OF MONEY!!!”

That’s harsh. We’re not going to begrudge area entertainers from making some $$$ during the HoliGay Season. Drag Queens, Comedians, Burlesquers and Tiny Dancers should all have an opportunity to practice their craft and make a buck or two while providing the Desperate Hordes with much needed holiday cheer before the reality of The Illegitimate Regime of Donald Trump begins on January 20, 2017.

(Sigh. Takes long sip of ever present gin based cocktail)

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Support Planned Parenthood With “Pussy Grabs Back 5k Run”

by Monday at 2:26 pm


The Horrid Day that the Orange One and his Brood of Morons takes over the American Government is fast approaching. Obviously, PLANNED PARENTHOOD is high on their list of very worth while organizations to destroy and decimate. Despite the fact Planned Parenthood does so much more than pregnancy termination, it’s always been a big target for the Brood of Morons on the Right…how dare they work so hard to enable women to have safe, effective means of taking care of their reproductive health? The nerve of them!

To help Planned Parenthood in their ongoing fight against the forces of oppression and to guarantee their survival as a vital healthcare organization not only for women but for everyone in the community, Seattle area friends of Planned Parenthood staging a fundraising charity fun run on Saturday, January 21, 2017 at Green Lake Boathouse in north Seattle. And, to mock our soon to be First Predator, they’re calling it PUSSY GRABS BACK 5K in honor of the Orange One’s shocking admission of a tendency to grope and molest women he finds attractive.

It’s a fun short run (hell, even I can do 5k…walking) happening at Green Lake on a Saturday morning, a time when half of Seattle is already probably at Green Lake anyway. It’s a relatively cheap fundraiser…only $15 for adults to enter and participate, $10 for students and $8 for kids. Top finishers will get prizes from Babeland and Central Cinema PLUS there will be free desserts. Go HERE to register for the run.

Oh, and the final donation to Planned Parenthood after the event is over will be made in Vice-President Mike Pence’s name. The soon to be Vice Henchman is a notorious enemy of Planned Parenthood (as well as anything else that actually helps humanity) and we hope his reign will be brief.

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Just The Facts: The State of The World on AIDS Day 2016

by Thursday at 1:31 pm


It’s the last World AIDS Day under the legitimate regime of President Barack Obama and the White House has released a Fact Sheet about the State of the World and the battle to end HIV/AIDS in our lifetime.

Considering what’s coming under the impending nightmare-ocracy of Cheeto Trumpolini, this might be the last positive news we get on the battle to end HIV/AIDS for at least 4 years…or, until the impeachment/treason trials begin.

Some good news:

Not so good news:

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Take A Break From Political Freaking Out With…The Freakout Music Festival!!!

by Thursday at 12:47 pm


God DAMMIT, I’m sick of being pissed off/depressed/seriously fucking annoyed/distraught and plain ole FREAKED THE FUCK OUT about this fucking atrocity of a presidential election!

FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d head to the Valley of the Dolls but “dolls” don’t work well with heart medications.


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Christine Gregoire Headlines GSBA Annual Holiday Luncheon

by Tuesday at 7:59 pm

Former Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire will be the head speaker at the GSBA annual Holiday Luncheon at McCaw Hall on December 14, 2016.

Former Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire will be the head speaker at the GSBA annual Holiday Luncheon at McCaw Hall on December 14, 2016.

Oh, this should be good…former Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire will be a very special guest and speaker at the Greater Seattle Business Association’s annual meeting and holiday luncheon at McCaw Hall on Wednesday, December 14, 2016. We’re sure the former governor will have PLENTY of things to talk about in our brave new post-election Trumpian world.

Plenty of things…if you’re a member of the GSBA or just interested in hearing perspectives from community leaders on the future for Seattle it might behoove you to attend. It might help us all navigate the uncertain waters of the next few years…

More dish from the GSBA website:

Take a mid-day break and raise a glass with your GSBA colleagues and friends! This year’s luncheon features a discussion with former Governor Christine Gregoire about Challenge Seattle, a private sector initiative taking on challenges that must be addressed to ensure our region continues to grow, transform, and thrive, while maintaining our quality of life. This is also the time to thank you, our membership, and to announce the 2016 Business & Humanitarian Awards recipients. Arrive early to enjoy our Sponsor Showcase and a special performance by Diverse Harmony, the nation’s first queer-straight alliance youth choir.11:00am | Arrival, registration, and Sponsors’ Showcase
12:00pm | Luncheon begins
12:15pm | Annual Meeting, GSBA Board Members presentation, announcement of the 2016 Business & Humanitarian Awards recipients
12:30pm | Conversation and Q&A with former Governor Christine Gregoire, CEO of Challenge Seattle
1:00pm | Luncheon ends

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Resist. Protest. Obstruct. Inform.

by Saturday at 4:24 pm


Resist. Protest. Obstruct. Inform.

That’s what we have to do for the next four years while the illegitimate Trump Regime and the Republican majority Congress holds power.

I say “illegitimate” because Mr. Trump is obviously not the people’s choice to be President of the United States. Due to the archaic, out of date and very dangerous American system of electing presidents via the Electoral College he “won” the electoral vote despite Hillary Clinton winning over a million more votes nationally.

Mr. Trump is ill-equipped to be President of the United States. He has zero experience in government or even management. He’s a real estate developer who became a celebrity largely due to his own ego and ability to master the art of self-promotion. And, not quite two weeks after the election, his alarming choices for key advisory and Cabinet positions in his administration have already made it clear that he entends to do great harm to a great many people in this country. Every marginalized group in this country has cause to worry as Mr. Trump and his thuggish minions declare war on immigrants, Muslims, the elderly, the poor, people of color, the queer community and all women and their reproductive rights. We’re all under the threat of dangerous actions that can affect our lives, and in some cases, end lives as well.

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Exit Interview: We Talk To DJ El Toro About His Last “Tea Dance”

by Friday at 5:32 pm

Kurt B. Reighley aka DJ El Toro in the highly photogenic men's room at Pony. The DJ and his husband are leaving Seattle for the cheaper charms of Tucson. Photo: Kelly O

Kurt B. Reighley aka DJ El Toro in the highly photogenic men’s room at Pony. The DJ and his husband are leaving Seattle for the cheaper charms of Tucson. Photo: Kelly O

One of Seattle’s Queer Power Couples is leaving town next week.

Popular KEXP disc jockey Kurt B. Reighley aka “DJ El Toro” and his husband, acclaimed artist/designer Mark Mitchell are packing their bags and moving to Tuscon, Arizona…and, Seattle isn’t very happy about it. The couple have a huge circle of friends as well as fans and many people are mourning their move which the couple is admitting is happening partly due to the increased cost of living in Seattle. Both Kurt and Mark have candidly stated that the rampant gentrification in recent years coupled with the inflation that goes along with it, has prompted their move to a smaller city with a cheaper cost of living.

Kurt/El Toro had his final show on KEXP last night and as he multi-tasks packing up his life for the big move, prepping for his farewell gig at Pony on Sunday for his final “World’s Tiniest Tea Dance” as well as looking forward to the return of his husband who’s been in Beirut, Mr. Reighley kindly agreed to chat with us about The Big Move, Queer Music Icons, Saying Good-Bye to Seattle/Hello to Tucson and our mutual admiration for everyone’s favorite go go boy, James Darling.

Michael Strangeways: Last night was your final KEXP show…how are you coping? Are you still verklempt?

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“Sedaris-istas” Prepare To Swoon…David Sedaris To Workshop New Book In Seattle

by Thursday at 1:23 pm

Local fans of beloved gay storyteller David Sedaris all went into a collected swoon with the news that the insanely popular writer noted for his humorous and numerous books detailing pretty much every incident in his life will be work shopping his next book, apparently titled “Theft By Hiding”  in Seattle. Apparently, the humorist does this for every new book…he selects a couple of cities to “try out” his new material before completing his final draft prior to publication. As Sedaris makes much of his living from live performances of his stories at large concert halls across the world, it’s rather important that his tales work well when read aloud.

Mr. Sedaris was in Seattle last night for his yearly gig at Benaroya Hall and announced from the stage he would return to Seattle to give 8 workshop readings at Broadway Performance Hall on Capitol Hill from January 14 – 20, 2017. Tickets are already on sale for these very special events which will include a Q&A at each performance. As the BPH is a small-ish space (295 seats) it’s probably wise to snag tickets ASAP if you want to participate in this unique opportunity.

Some more poo:

David Sedaris is the author of the books Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk, When You Are Engulfed in Flames, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, Me Talk Pretty One Day, Holidays on Ice, Naked, and Barrel Fever. He is a regular contributor to The New Yorker and Ira Glass’ This American Life. He lives in England with his partner Hugh.

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